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If you are looking for a Voice UX to join your company, let our UNE® agency take care of recruiting the best candidate for the job. All your selection criteria will be taken into account.

Nowadays, the electronic devices around us are more and more equipped with the voice command function. Whether with Alexa, Amazon Echo or Google Home, these interfaces have invaded our daily lives. Voice commands help to develop the user experience. And this is where Voice UX (or "ux voice designer") comes in.

Indeed, according to several studies, voice commands could soon account for 50% of the overall rate of Internet searches in 2020.

Voice UX's mission is to analyze data and improve the user experience of a product, or website, under development what is called a VUI (Voice User Interface). These voice control interfaces are already very present among users. We are talking here about Siri at Apple, for example

Today, voice interactions are becoming more and more common. Indeed, this technology makes it possible to be less exposed to the fatigue and damage caused by a screen.

The role of Voice UX is to help companies develop and improve their language application through a very concrete process.

In order to make the user experience more pleasant and fluid, it will create a voice interface that is customized and adapted to the company. This interface must be more conventional, like a real conversation. It must also be user-centric.

The creation of this interface (VUI) is called voice design. Its goal is to make the communication between the user and the interface as natural as possible. It should not feel like talking to a robot. To do this, the voice UX will have to study all types of people.

Some, for example, will prefer Amazon Alexa, because there is the possibility to give it a name (unlike Google home, which starts by saying "Ok Google"). This feature makes the interface more human.

Indeed, as human beings, we have emotions, and we tend to associate them with everything, even with our devices such as our phones, or our computers.

The design of the conversational interface therefore rests on the shoulders of the voice designer.

You have a media, communication, or other company, and you want to improve your VUI? UNE® takes care of recruiting a competent and qualified Voice UX.

What are the qualities of a good Voice UX?

The qualities of a good Voice UX is above all the mastery of different web tools, Internet tools, tools of various applications as a Voice UX with a sense of data analysis, improving the experience of using a product or a website by developing what is called a VUI: Voice User Interface. After mastering software and applications, knowing how to adapt to different problems and knowing how to adapt by working as a team make the asset of a good Voice UX with a good sense of analysis that differentiates it from its equipped and these collaborators. Thanks to his curiosity and his sense of analysis, he is always up to date with user demand.

Why recruit a Voice UX?

A Voice UX is specialized in designing solutions to respond to the problems encountered by users of the company's brands or products. Its sense of analysis allows it to bring improvements and innovations to overcome the obstacles that Internet users may encounter, especially for their ease of life because instead of spending time in front of the screen to do the courses for example, they can just make voice commands that are easier and more advantageous for both the company and the Internet users. As a result, it makes changes to the graphic codes more pleasant for the user. It's easier to communicate with each other. Therefore, it is essential for a company to have a Voice UX even if it is to improve communication within the company and even communication of Internet users with the company or among themselves, to personalize this style of communication and to protect it. The design of the conventional interface therefore rests on the shoulders of the UX Voice designer.

What is the role of a Voice UX?

The role of a Voice UX is to take responsibility for user search tasks and the design of large and small-scale solutions to help companies develop and improve their language applications. It will then create a customized voice interface adapted to the company. As a result, close collaboration between a Voice UX and other talented professionals is required to design web and mobile solutions for the global user audience. As far as his role is concerned, he ensures that communication between users via the interface is as natural as possible. He performs analysis, research and analysis to integrate these research results with the business requirements of the users. Prior to the implementation of applications, there is the creation of prototypes and this includes mastering prototype tools such as Adobe, Axure, Abstract, Invision and many others.

What is the profile of a Voice UX?

Speaking of Voice UX, this business was born thanks to the evolution of devices, some of which are equipped with a voice command function, notably with interfaces such as Alexia, Amazon, Echo or Google, which invade the daily lives of Internet users. It is the ability to communicate clearly and simply via voice, words and images. It is especially the experiences that are highlighted for this profile. Indeed, at least three years of experience are required to be Voice UX. Experiences sought include UX design for web and mobile interfaces as well as experiences in user participation and research with support in using a variety of methodologies, developing plans, analysis objectives, presenting results and using them to make improvements to develop user needs. 



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