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Are you actively looking for a traffic manager to increase the profitability of your website?

For more than 20 years, the UNE® Agency has positioned itself as a leader in communication and recruitment of specialized profiles in the digital industry. We are proud to offer you a panel of profiles of talented professionals from which you will draw your future traffic manager.

The missions of the traffic manager are to drive qualified traffic on the company's websites, to acquire prospects, to give maximum visibility to the company, to promote and communicate a product or service and finally to improve sales as much as possible. To do this, it must optimize the levers of web traffic acquisition. He/she therefore develops the strategy for Internet advertising campaigns, supervises their implementation and ensures their follow-up. It is an ace of statistical analysis of the behavior of Internet users, marketing, responsible for managing a budget allocated to commercial campaigns on the web and its optimization.

He studies visitor traffic, finely measures the audience via numerous indicators and generates dashboards clarifying statistical data. His weapons are the mastery of natural and paid referencing with Google Adwords and Bing Ads, e-mailing, affiliation, display advertising, and audience analysis tools.

In the company, the traffic manager works in the marketing department in liaison with the developers and sales people. He must have an excellent knowledge of the web in general, a real sense of analysis, be hyper-reactive, think ROI, have communication in his blood. Of course, he follows very closely the evolution of web users' behaviors, digital traffic analysis tools and online campaign services. The profile of the traffic manager is vast, he may have followed a specific training on webmarketing in a specialized school or have a higher education in marketing, communication or computer science.

How to quickly recruit a quality traffic manager in French-speaking Switzerland? UNE® offers its assistance to facilitate your search. Tracked down by our web marketing specialists, the candidates that we will present to you will meet all your criteria, however specific they may be, and you will be spoilt for choice!

What are the qualities of a good Traffic Manager?

Apart from a degree and experience, you need to have certain qualities to be hired as a Traffic Manager. Of course, as the mission of the position is oriented towards increasing the visibility of the company on the Web via social networks, it is therefore important to know and master tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin... Apart from that, a TM must have a good relational quality, Web culture and taste for computers.

A good Traffic Manager must also be comfortable with words, because varying the content of the company's page is part of his daily work to bring qualified traffic to visit the site.

What is the role of a Traffic Manager?

The main role of a Traffic Manager is to optimize traffic acquisition levers in order to recruit new prospects and increase the conversion rate. He must therefore perfectly master all the web marketing tools, namely reporting tools, e-mailing, referencing, sponsored links, page indexing, blogging, social networks, etc.

Dashboards are part of the daily life of a good TM so that he can accurately measure the audience of a given website, using various indicators such as the number of unique visitors, pages viewed, paths and duration of visits, number of clicks, words entered in the internal search engine of the site, etc. A TM is curious about what interests the visitor and how he or she accesses information. This data allows him to identify malfunctions at the time of conversion, wondering what slowed down the unconverted visitor.

What is the profile of a Traffic Manager?

Anyone wishing to apply for the position of Traffic Manager, in a company, advertising agency or communication agency, must first and foremost have a university or business school degree and a diploma in web marketing, computer science or communication. Very at ease with statistics and having a strong ability to anticipate, the Traffic Manager masters the techniques of webmarketing and those related to e-commerce. In addition to a good general knowledge of the Internet and online advertising, he knows how to use the tracking tools that are part of his daily life, how to interpret the data and how to react quickly.

Why recruit a Traffic Manager?

The tasks of a Traffic Manager's job are very varied, but all of them are oriented towards one goal, that of bringing qualified traffic to visit a site.

Among the missions of a Traffic Manager, we find the optimization of the company's website, using natural referencing techniques (SEO) that aim to make sites more efficient. This professional is also led to conduct paid search engine optimization campaigns on search engines, as well as managing e-mailing campaigns. His objective being to improve the visibility of the company on the Web, the traffic manager seeks to set up partnerships on the Internet.

The TM also deals with the purchase as well as the use of advertising space called display. In addition, he has to follow and analyze the traffic and the audience of the sites to judge their evolution. Last but not least, it is important that it carries out a technological, strategic and competitive watch to adapt to trends and promote customer acquisition.



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