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The SQL specialist, or Oracle SQL developer, is a true database expert. His/her role is to create, then develop, one or more databases within the company for which he/she works. He or she is the guarantor of the permanent accessibility of the information, as well as its coherence. His role is also to manage the information of the company that requires the deployment of a database.

Following the specifications that will have been given to him, the SQL specialist will define the parameters of the big data part, installing software and software packages related to it. He also takes care of the implementation of the data on the physical supports. To do this, the SQL developer must work in close collaboration with the network administrator who distributes access authorizations to all users.

When the database of the data server is developed, and thanks to supervision tools, the SQL specialist will be able to guarantee an irreproachable quality of the data as well as its accessibility. He will also set up technical and functional test programs. Then, he must ensure that the security rules, which he will have previously developed for the users, are applied. He also manages the maintenance of the database.

Among the skills required for the job of SQL specialist, you will find teamwork. Indeed, the development of a database requires a perfect architecture and coordination between the different members of a team, and the various departments of a company. Very often, the main interlocutors are data architects, data engineers and data project managers.

It also requires a high level of technical expertise. The respect of the specifications must be irreproachable in order to provide the most optimal database possible. Communication, technical maintenance, optimization and database management are essential skills for this job. With a minimum of three years of training in business computing, the SQL specialist can preferably complete his or her level of training with a master's degree in civil engineering or computer science.

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What are the qualities of a good SQL Specialist?

Being a specialist in his field, an SQL specialist is rigorous and has a strength of proposal in the art of negotiation with important external actors. He develops his ideas with collaborators in the company, especially members of the management. His technical skills make a great expertise. He is therefore a good relationalist who likes to adapt and work in a team. Perceptive and curious, he knows how to manage his priorities. We can then say that communication, technical maintenance, optimization and database management are part of the skills of a good SQL Specialist. He has a skill for numbers and algorithms. He masters computer tools, SQL language, BO and advanced formulas on Excel. He analyzes the requests of the interlocutors by ensuring the quality control of the collected data and verifying the reliability of the data resources.

Why recruit an SQL Specialist?

To ensure the collection of databases, it is important to complement the SQL teams with an SQL Specialist. Companies rely on the databases that are the result of their work in order to make important decisions. Each time a decision is made, there is a choice to be made, so it is important to make the right choice for the good development of the company and to avoid its failure. A SQL Specialist is an expert in his field. Recruiting him will not be a mistake but on the contrary, it is beneficial for the company's product and service lines but also to ensure a better future in the near future especially for the company and even the brand.

What is the role of an SQL Specialist?

The role of an SQL Specialist is to provide technical expertise in SQL and also in data processing and analysis in order to participate in the achievement of the company's objectives. We can say that he is responsible for the permanent accessibility of the information and its coherence. He is in charge of responding to the needs of users by offering them products suitable for this, whether it is a product already launched or a product that has just been created. In fact, he creates and develops one or more databases within the company where he works. He participates in the coordination of activities through different networks of various sites. He collaborates with different actors and has to make proposals. He works with teams where database development requires a perfect architecture and coordination between the members of his teams including Data Architect, Data Engineers and Data Project Managers. He participates in projects and workgroups that require his skills, in particular the guarantee of data quality thanks to supervision tools and the Data server. He analyzes and produces detailed descriptions of queries in order to improve data exploitation. It works in accordance with the requirements of the organization's information system security policy, in particular PSSI.

What is the profile of a SQL Specialist?

The SQL Specialist is also called SQL oracle developer. He is among the database experts but he differs from other experts by his specialization in SQL. This position requires several years of experience in the field and/or specialized training. Indeed, it can be coming out of a minimum of three years of training in business computing, followed by a training in civil engineering or computer science in master5. He is thus capable of mastering the various software and tools necessary for the job, in particular development software, Big Data parameters, software and technical and functional testing tools. His mastery of security rules is validated thanks to the experience he acquired during his training courses and/or during his work in a similar field.



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