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Are you seriously considering hiring a Social Media Manager to manage your digital brand?

The UNE® Agency helps you find the gem by providing you with a selected panel of cutting-edge profiles. Our expertise in recruiting for the web professions allows us to select the candidates most likely to meet your needs.

The Social Media Manager's mission is to define the company's digital strategy and support its implementation, to identify ways to optimize the brand's presentation and maximize its visibility, to ensure that its image on the web is always positive with prospects, customers and influencers. He evaluates and develops the company's presence in social networks and on the web, and implements digital intelligence. He is also responsible for digital partnerships. In small structures, the Social Media Manager can be confused with the Community Manager, who is essentially more operational, applying the defined marketing strategy.

The Social Media Manager masters everything related to community management, knows the most important social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. at his fingertips. He uses KPIs to measure the results of the digital system that has been set up. The social media manager is responsible for a team of community managers, graphic designers, social media analyst, and reports directly to the communication or marketing department.

As the company's digital representative, the Social Media Manager excels in communication, including crisis communication, masters all techniques and especially viral marketing, and is constantly listening to technological and behavioral changes, with social networks at the forefront. He combines creativity and reactivity, and is not afraid to take strategic decisions in a hurry. A position with a high degree of responsibility, it is entrusted to very experienced profiles. With a university education, he is a graduate of a school of communication, marketing or a business school.

How do you attract the perfect Social Media Manager who will ensure your e-reputation in a market where he is a rare bird?

UNE® is your partner in this hunt where mistakes are not allowed. Our specialists in digital communication know how to sort the wheat from the chaff and will present you with the most suitable candidates for the Social Media Manager position you propose!

What are the qualities of a good Social Media Manager?

A good Social Media Manager or social media manager must have specific personal skills and characteristics. He is wanted for his great knowledge of the main social networks and mastery of their use. His importance also comes from his skills in content creation, design and creative writing techniques that allow him to optimize the company's visibility on the Web. A Social Media Manager must also have impeccable analytical and data interpretation skills in order to set up an effective action plan to improve the company's e-reputation.

Demonstrating excellent communication skills, the SMM can easily develop the brand's community, especially on social networks.

Why recruit a Social Media Manager?

A company is recruiting a Social Media Manager to manage its reputation on digital communication channels, including social networks. This expert will implement different strategies (content, acquisition and loyalty strategies) to optimize the brand's presence, just as he is in charge of all the digital monitoring of a company. 

In other words, the main missions of an SMM are strategic and operational, unlike a Community Manager. This specialist is a decision-maker in connection with the company's management. He is an expert in digital ecosystems, creative strategies dedicated to these media but also marketing strategies and specificities such as Facebook Ads.

What is the role of a Social Media Manager?

The Internet and its tools are evolving exponentially. For example, social networks can be a real asset for a company if they are used correctly. This is the very raison d'être of a Social Media Manager.

The role of a Social Media Manager is to build and manage the company's digital communication policy. He or she is responsible for developing the e-reputation and brand awareness on the Web by regularly broadcasting content. To achieve this, this high-level specialist develops and implements an action plan. His role will also be to monitor and analyze the actions of his competitors.

What is the profile of a social media manager?

A Social Media Manager is recruited after a professional Master's degree in communication and digital technology, or similar, and a few years of experience, notably as a Community Manager, in a communication agency or with an advertiser. This background allows him/her to master all the workings of the digital world, but also the brand universe.

A Social Media Manager is very much in demand by generalist and digital communication agencies, and is also important in the digital departments of large companies or in the communication departments of very small companies, where his or her position can be doubled with that of Community Manager or Digital Project Manager.



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