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Looking for the product owner who will best bring the product vision to your teams?

Calling on UNE to recruit him or her means securing the expertise of a team of digital talent hunting professionals. Whether your need is punctual or long term, entrust your search to the agency benefiting from a unique pool of candidates in Switzerland and Europe on the most sought-after profiles.

Responsible for the definition and design of a product, the product owner is the interface between the user, the scrum master and the team in charge of development. A true expert in agile methodology, his added value consists in his ability to make the link between the business and technical sides of a project. A sort of super project manager, the product owner thus assists the product manager in the operational coordination of the different internal company teams (design, development, marketing, etc.) in line with customer needs. Often coming from top business or engineering schools, the best candidates will ideally have a specialization in digital.

Relatively recent, the job of product owner may also correspond to talents from technical backgrounds with a particular design and/or product appeal or to more generalist profiles with a pronounced geek/digital experience.

The major competence of a product owner lies in his mastery of agile methods which, combined with solid technical and project management skills, will allow him to efficiently integrate the recommended developments during the development phases of a product project. In addition to a good knowledge of the customer's business and essential soft skills in terms of diplomacy, interpersonal skills and team spirit, a successful product owner will also be able to demonstrate reactivity and rigor while being autonomous and organized in his daily management.

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What are the qualities of a good Product Owner?

As an important factor in the success of a company, the Product Owner must be a driving force in all areas, especially where he has the most expertise.

In order to be successful in his daily activities, the Product Owner must demonstrate various qualities. He must show a great sense of organization and good management of priorities. His sense of negotiation and diplomacy, as well as his decision-making ability, allow him to be ahead of the competition in relation to the offers on the market. Reactivity, fast execution, proactivity, curiosity and creativity are additional elements to optimize the execution of its missions. 

Why recruit a Product Owner?

Currently, the job of Product Owner is taken as a new type of Project Manager. The main responsibility of the person in this position is to define a product that will bring the maximum business value to users within the time and budget allocated to the project.

The Product Owner contributes to the realization of the Roadmap and supervises the technical projects by ensuring their realization. To do this, he uses a tool called Product Backlog or PB. The latter represents the list of elements that make up the project and is adaptable, it can be modified as the project evolves.

The PO is concerned with prioritizing the objectives according to the needs expressed by the customers and writing a simple and understandable description of their desires. However, he must ensure that the recommendations made by the user are feasible and within budget.

What is the role of a Product Owner?

Whatever the name, Product Manager, Chief Product Officer (CPO), Head of Product, or other, the main objective in this job is to guarantee that the project will perfectly meet the users' expectations. The expert pilots the iterative development of a solution. In close collaboration with developers, UX designers, graphic designers, he interprets customer needs and transforms them into functional tools. Moreover, with his product-oriented vision, he ensures that the product is developed in accordance with the needs of users, whose expectations he collects and analyzes. However, PO does not work alone. It works closely with the Research and Development team, the sales and marketing team and customers.

What is the profile of a Product Owner?

To become a Product Owner, you must already be a graduate of a business or engineering school. Proven experience as a Project Manager is also an important background in this job.

In addition, a good PO must have a great expertise in agile practices and have a good knowledge of tech/digital. His great attention to market trends allows him to save a maximum of time and efficiency when selecting improvements to be delivered in the next deliverable. Thus, he will be able to choose solutions that will facilitate the task of his various interlocutors.



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