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The Oracle Specialist, also called DBA for "Data Base Administrator", is the database administrator. Not all Oracle specialists have the same mission. Indeed, it depends on the size of the company, but also on the volume and criticality of all the databases he will have to manage.

Database management is therefore not necessarily a full-time job. The oracle specialist will therefore need to be versatile and diversify his or her functions.

However, certain tasks are still common to all oracle specialists, such as managing database performance and ensuring database availability, installing and configuring the database, managing and implementing security, and recovering and backing up data. Finally, the oracle specialist performs a technology watch to optimize and evolve the application.

The DBA must have certain well-defined technical skills. He or she plays an intermediate role as a consultant in a company, since he or she will communicate sometimes with the systems team and sometimes with the development team. He or she therefore has knowledge in various fields, which are not strictly speaking databases. However, all his knowledge and skills depend above all on his scope of intervention. Then, on his past experiences as well as his human skills.

For example, some oracle specialists have a high level of competence as an engineer in the field of storage architectures, when his position is targeted towards production. Others will have much more advanced skills in the development part.

As far as the human qualities required in the DBA are concerned, there are four that will be particularly necessary. First, curiosity. Indeed, he or she must be able to explore avenues for continuous improvement and be self-trained. Then comes listening and the ability to dialogue (manager), resistance to stress, and finally, rigor.

As far as training is concerned, the oracle specialist follows a development course with a specialization in databases. The best learning method remains professional experience, which allows the acquisition of the basics of the profession in the field.

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What are the qualities of a good Oracle Specialist?

First of all, he has the well-defined skills to ensure his role in the company, such as the professional training he has taken to get his specialization. There is also the higher education that has taught him a lot. Secondly, there are the human skills that are required, in particular curiosity, in order to be able to exploit avenues for improvement and evolution on a permanent basis and to train oneself. Then he is a manager, that is to say that he knows how to listen and dialogue. As an Oracle Specialist performs several functions, he knows how to adapt to his work even if he is under pressure. He is a person who has a sense of rigor. 

Why recruit an Oracle Specialist?

For companies that process data, whether they are small or large, they need to supplement their team with an Oracle Specialist in order to be well organized. The Oracle Specialist will contribute to tasks that will be specific to him/her, such as database manipulation using the appropriate hardware, software and tools. Only an Oracle Specialist is the best person to specialize for the position because we have seen previously that only he has the necessary skills to do an excellent job and to ensure the smooth running of the projects that will be assigned to him during his mission. 

What is the role of an Oracle Specialist?

The main role of all Oracle Specialists is to take care of data management. This form of management is carried out by several tasks. First of all there is the management of the database performance and ensuring its availability. Then there is the installation and configuration of its databases followed by the management and implementation of security as well as data recovery and backup. Finally, it carries out a technology watch with the aim of optimizing and upgrading the application. He works with teams specialized in the system and/or teams specialized in development, but in all cases, he assumes the role of communication consultant within the company.

What is the profile of an Oracle Specialist?

An Oracle specialist is also called DBA: Data Base Administrator. He is a database administrator. Their missions differ from companies, both in terms of the size of the latter but also in terms of the volume of the databases that will be entrusted to them. They must be versatile, i.e. they must diversify their functions according to the tasks that the company will entrust to them. They must have a high level of competence, particularly in an engineering degree in storage architecture, or in the development curriculum with a specialization in databases. In addition to this, he must have validated professional experience in this field or in another similar field. He has the necessary experience and skills to master the hardware, tools and software that will be entrusted to him by his employer, we are talking about the basics of the job in the field.



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