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You have a company based in Switzerland, Lausanne, or Geneva and you are looking for an Interactive Media Designer? The professional agency UNE® takes care of all the tasks related to recruitment, in order to find the best candidate for the position.

The interaction designer (or interactive media designer), is in charge of creating services, systems, experiences, or objects, which will be innovative thanks to new digital technologies. Connected objects, drones, social robots, or service design, all are part of a new generation of products on which the interactive media designer works.

He will therefore be in charge of interface design, but also of everything that concerns the user experience.

His role will be to define the way products, spaces, and people interact with each other. His goal is to make these interactions more useful, easier and more amazing.

The interaction designer places great importance on the user experience. He wants to understand the problem, and the potential use of an object according to the life situation, or problem, of a user. He must have a systematic reading mode and easily understand the complexity. Then, once the research has been done and the problem determined, he will develop several potential solutions. It is up to him to create a prototype that he will then improve as he gathers information from various tests.

Finally, when the project is mature, the production phase comes into play. Then the interactive media designer's proposal is put in place, in the previously defined context.

In this profession, teamwork is recurrent. Indeed, the interactive media designer is always in close collaboration with an interdisciplinary team (project manager, marketing, sociologist, engineer, users, etc.). In this context, his/her role is to ensure that the product design is in line with the objects of the user experience.

An interaction designer must possess several skills that are essential to the successful completion of his job, acquired during his training and reinforced by his professional experience. He must know how to master representation software (visual communication, video, 3D...) recognized in the digital world. He must also be knowledgeable in human and behavioral sciences (psychology, sociology, cognitive sciences, ergonomics). His sense of observation and reflection are well developed. As well as his curiosity, creativity, rigor, and reactivity.

Often working in a team, he must also have good communication and interpersonal skills. Then, drawing, applied arts, digital arts, and synthesizing are also required skills in order to present clear and quality projects.

You need an interactive media designer? UNE® selects the best candidates in perfect adequacy with your company.

What are the qualities of a good Interactive Media Designer?

A good Interactive Media Designer is a person with a good academic background and a good level of general knowledge. He must have a strong interest in the world of communication, computer graphics, innovation, technology and creation. An Interactive Media Designer must, in addition, develop a spirit of initiative and openness. He has a good critical and observational sense as well as a marked interest in new technologies and communication tools. Moreover, he is a professional with an aptitude for teamwork. And finally, organizational skills are essential, as his role is also to prepare projects with interactive digital content.

What is the profile of an Interactive Media Designer?

Interactive Media Designers work in the field of visual communication. They must therefore have a strong artistic, creative and visual sensibility. They are also professionals who are passionate about new technologies in communication. The training of interactive media designer is obtained in trade school over a period of 4 years with an internship in a company. In a company, the apprentice must follow a practical training of 3 to 4 days per week and a theoretical training at the vocational school. At school, several institutions offer theoretical and practical training (Geneva, Fribourg, Lausanne...). To be admitted, the student must have completed the schooling. It should be noted that some companies or schools require an entrance exam. 

What is the role of an Interactive Media Designer?

First of all, this professional's main mission is the creation of interactive digital means of communication. These can be websites or applications. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to start by understanding the client's needs in order to be able to draw up specifications. It is, in this sense, his responsibility to examine the feasibility of the project and to control its usefulness. To carry out his mission, the Interactive Media Designer must carry out creative, technical and content research. Once the design and preparation are done, he moves on to the realization and publication. 

Why recruit an Interactive Media Designer?

Companies are recruiting Interactive Media Designers to publish news articles on their social networks and forums. In this case, these professionals provide interactive and digital content. Their intervention is also used to vary the new Web presentation of a company or organization and make the digital content compatible with the media displayed on the media (tablets, smartphones, computers ...). In addition, the skills of Interactive Media Designers are useful in developing ideas and conceptual drafts for interactive digital communication media suitable for the target audience. And finally, these professionals are recruited to respond to client needs and maintain an active exchange with clients throughout the project. 



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