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For your search for a web graphic designer, how about entrusting the UNE® agency with the task of presenting you with a tight selection of high quality profiles?

Thanks to its 20 years of expertise in the fields of communication and digital recruitment in French-speaking Switzerland, UNE® knows how to attract high-value graphic designers from the digital world.

Specialized in the design of websites or web or mobile applications, the web graphic designer or web designer is above all an artist mastering all the parameters of visual communication. His main mission is to design the visual identity of the website or application by defining a graphic charter, then to create all the displayable elements. From the logo to the various visuals and typography, everything passes through his expert and creative hands. Let's note that his creative talent and his technical bases also allow him to know how to work for the printing and the creation of posters, flyers, brochures...

The web designer must have a solid knowledge of graphic art, as well as an excellent mastery of several DTP tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Gimp... He also masters the tools of motion design or animated graphic design. The graphic designer has good interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with the art director, project manager and front developer.

If creativity is paramount, autonomy, dynamism, reactivity and attention to the smallest detail also characterize him.

Numerous schools of Communication or Universities offer advanced training for this profession. Once in position, the print or web graphic designer knows how to stay abreast of software developments as well as artistic trends.

Do you find the recruitment of this online graphic design professional difficult? Entrust UNE® to present you a catalog of talented graphic designers with multiple skills. Our expertise in digital communication predisposes us to offer you the selection of profiles from which you will draw the artist who will join your ranks.

What are the qualities of a good graphic designer?

The work of a graphic designer is first and foremost based on creativity. Having a sense of creativity is therefore an essential quality if you want to do this job. Since computer tools are the allies of a graphic designer, he must be able to handle perfectly the software (Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator ...), but also the processes of creation and printing. In addition, on computer or by hand, a print graphic designer must know how to draw and handle all visual codes. In addition, being cultured and curious are qualities that should allow this professional to update his knowledge. And finally, communication skills are important, because a graphic designer has to communicate with clients throughout the project. 

Why recruit a graphic designer?

In what cases is the intervention of this professional useful? A graphic designer is able to help and accompany in all projects and for many different things. During the creation of a company, among other things, this expert can bring his skills to create the visual identity. This goes from the logo, through social networks, to commercial brochures. This professional, who can be very versatile, can provide his representative with original ideas that will set him apart from his competitors. In addition, a graphic designer has spent years mastering the various software programs and understanding the design codes. It is therefore a better ally to save time and focus on other parts of the project. 

What is the profile of a graphic designer?

The job of graphic designer requires a lot of skills. Among other things, the ability to analyze the client's needs is often required. As far as training is concerned, candidates for this position must have completed a self-taught training and another through a specialized school. Several other diplomas also exist in three or four years of study. These are, for example, the National Diploma of Art and Technique (DNTA) and the Licence Pro Activités et Techniques de communication spécialisée. In addition, some companies are looking for graphic designers who have completed advanced studies with a Higher National Diploma of Plastic Expression for example. 

What is the role of a graphic designer?

In any industry, the main role of a graphic designer is to translate ideas into images. These contain many requirements, especially on the part of the client. Covers, brochures, advertising posters... during their elaboration, the graphic designer produces most written documents in order to provide them with a visual identity. Thus, it is his responsibility to choose, according to the expectations, the typography, the paper, the colors... Moreover, this expert in image must be present at the various stages of the realization (design, creation, printing). If he works for an advertising agency, the concept phase is essential. 



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