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Do you need a Technical Director to manage all your technical resources and business activities? UNE® takes care of selecting for you competent and available profiles to work in Switzerland, Lausanne or Geneva.

The Technical Director acts as an intermediary between the general management and the other departments of a company. He or she is responsible for managing production and its maintenance, adapting an effective industrial strategy at the various production sites. He will ensure the smooth running of all stages of production, the methods used and quality. Then, he also takes care of the working environment, safety and compliance with legislative standards. The coordination of the teams and the optimization of their work are also part of his functions.

The Technical Director will propose innovative projects as well as their budget. He will then have to defend them to a responsible design office. He participates in the implementation of a project and its development, right from its conception. His skills, in many fields, make him an essential member of a company. He is the representative of a technical know-how. But his role does not stop there. The Technical Director must also have commercial skills. He must be versatile and possess a wide range of skills, such as real technical expertise, but also pedagogical and managerial qualities, in order to manage teams as well as possible.

The technical director will also need to have knowledge of legal matters, particularly intellectual property. The Technical Director is responsible for the reliability, performance and consistency of the site's industrial tools.

In terms of training, he often comes from a specialized engineering school. However, university training is also very common for this job. Before applying for this position, the Technical Director must have previous experience as a department manager. Thanks to his reactivity and expertise, his role is to develop the notion of service with project and production operational staff. He or she may also be responsible for compliance with safety and hygiene standards.

In addition, knowledge of English is essential.

UNE® will therefore select for you a customized panel of Technical Directors. We would like to support you in your recruitment process and provide you with the best possible service.

What are the qualities of a good Technical Director?

In addition to the required academic level and years of experience, those seeking the position of Technical Director must have a solid background in physical technology, both in theory and practice. A thorough knowledge of information systems and their legal-technical framework, as well as good knowledge of normative regulations and industrial property law are not to be neglected.

In addition to essential technical qualities, the technical director must have excellent interpersonal skills and a clear commercial sense. He must be particularly at ease with personnel management, budget management and project management missions. 

Last but not least, this position requires a high degree of availability and mobility. Working hours are relatively long and the technical director travels very frequently to attend meetings with partners, professional gatherings and conferences.

Why recruit a Technical Director?

The first assignment of a technical director is to oversee all of a company's projects, from pre-sales to support. Thus, he or she is responsible for measuring the return on investment (ROI) of the information systems department (DSI) and a division of the computer engineering services company (SSII), depending on the structure for which he or she works. Then, he defines or redirects a new company strategy in terms of innovation and therefore more innovative projects, depending on the results. The CTO thus plays a key role in the management of projects that require a certain degree of efficiency to achieve rapid ROI, as is the case with Web projects.

In addition, the CTO is frequently called upon by senior management to establish research and development (R&D) programs and provide ideas for new products and processes. Indeed, he or she may be called upon to coordinate the development of products that are always in compliance with quality, safety and environmental regulations.

What is the role of a Technical Director?

The main role of a Technical Director is to optimize a company's production process based on an analysis of its resources and processes. He will have to exchange with the different teams to draw up a precise analysis of the material (equipment, modern technologies, etc.), human (available skills, team coordination) and normative (safety, hygiene, legislation) conditions. These observations enable the Technical Director to define all possible areas for improvement and recommendations, whether on the purchase of equipment, the reorganization of teams or the introduction of new working methods. His conclusions are then brought before the management, which can decide to invest or launch research programs.

What is the profile of a Technical Director?

The position of Technical Director is difficult to access, especially if you are a recent graduate. Indeed, the job requires a fine knowledge of the field. For this, it is necessary to have held a managerial or executive position for several years (between 5 and 10 years) before being able to apply.

In addition, a Technical Director may have followed various long-term training courses. Indeed, he or she will have to master a broad knowledge of physics and applied mathematics, technical sciences, management and law. He may hold a diploma from a general or specialized engineering school in the field of activity of the target company, a Master's degree specialized in the field of activity of the target company or a school of computer science...



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