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The Product Director is the main person responsible for the development and management of a product as a whole. This extends from its conception to its release for sale. He carries out market studies, analyzes the competition, makes a real follow-up of the sales by taking into account all the necessary data. We are talking here about an in-depth marketing study, such as comparing sales according to the different seasons. His role varies according to the sector in which he works: if his position is in an industry, he will play an intermediary role between the project manager, the sales teams and the production teams. If, on the contrary, he works in a mass distribution company, he will embody the role of the buyer.

The Product Director has several missions. His main mission is to respond optimally to customer needs. To do this, he must accompany the product in all the necessary steps from the design stage (or selection, if the product is not manufactured but purchased). This product will only be launched after a complete marketing analysis has been carried out: the analysis of the "4 P's" Product, Promotion, Price, Place). In order to develop an interesting marketing plan, the Product Director must have an excellent knowledge of the market.

He must also know how to evaluate the competition as well as analyze the sales made during the previous seasons. His asset is to know how to anticipate customer needs in order to make all the necessary improvements.

He will know how to define the ideal target and evaluate the best distribution conditions (price, deadlines, quantities, etc.). Then, during the launch, he is able to provide all the necessary information to the departments responsible for creating a catchy slogan for advertising campaigns.

In order to optimize sales, he will also define the ideal location for the products on the shelves. Then, when the product is ready to be launched on the market, the Product Manager manages the budget, forecasts and other estimates, as well as sales progression and tracking.

When the product is launched, he or she will coordinate communication and promotional activities. It is therefore his responsibility to define which means of communication will be best suited to the product (online advertising, TV or poster campaign, etc.).

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What are the qualities of a good Product Director?

The job of Product Manager requires a number of personal and technical qualities, as the person in the position will have to deal with a central role in the company in connection with numerous departments.

A Product Manager is endowed with great interpersonal and negotiation skills. He or she also has knowledge of the methods and tools to study a market, launch and promote an offer, carry out targeted actions, etc.

In addition to a good knowledge of his market, the Product Manager must have synthesis and analysis skills, know how to anticipate, but also be autonomous and rough.

Why recruit a Product Director?

A Product Manager ensures marketing, technical and administrative missions. He or she participates in corporate strategy, defines the product strategy for which he or she is responsible and supervises the reporting of results in his or her area of responsibility.

As Product Manager, the expert conducts market research on its ranges, carries out a study of the competition, creates new products, coordinates development with the technical department and ensures their launch. He also manages the administrative lifecycle of items (creation of references in the CRM or ERP, etc.). In short, the Product Director assumes technical responsibility for his ranges.

What is the role of a Product Director?

The role of a Product Manager can be summarized as follows:

  1. Carry out market research
  2. Define and implement a commercial strategy
  3. Take care of the product launch and ensure budget management
  4. Synthesize and analyze information collected from sales and marketing departments and potential external service providers to ensure that the product(s) for which he is responsible have the characteristics sought on the market.

However, the role of an Product Director may vary from sector to sector. In mass distribution, he will have more of a buyer's role, while in industry he will act as an interface between the production and sales teams.

What is the profile of a Product Director?

To apply for a job as Product Manager, you must hold a degree from a business school, a DESS Marketing or a specialized postgraduate diploma (Master in Marketing). For technical products, engineering schools are well positioned. A minimum of five years of study is required to qualify for the position of Product Manager.

A young graduate who is a junior product manager with 3 years of experience is eligible for the position of Product Manager.



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