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The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for the company's communication and marketing on the internet.

He coordinates both :

  1. the animation on social networks
  2. the relationship with pure media players, blogs and influencers
  3. the management of the website
  4. the e-commerce site
  5. purchase of advertising space, optimization of referencing (natural or paid)
  6. customer experience analysis and reporting

He is responsible for the implementation of the digital strategy developed in collaboration with the company's management. It is therefore based on a marketing action plan that it implements and implements with all stakeholders: community manager, web editor, sales, web designer, etc.

Le web marketing vise à la fois à augmenter le trafic mais également à sans cesse améliorer l'expérience client.

Avec des outils comme Google Analytics, le Digital Marketing Manager peut dégager des tendances, analyser les retours de ses campagnes, affiner la stratégie. Ces reporting seront ensuite transmis à la hiérarchie ainsi qu'aux différentes équipes.

Le Digital Marketing Manager est issu d'une formation supérieure dans le domaine de la communication et du web marketing. Il doit bien sûr être rompu à l'usage d'internet et des différents social médias. Rigoureux dans la mise en place des campagnes, il doit se montrer ouvert au dialogue et pédagogue. Le Digital Marketing Manager doit se tenir informé des dernières innovations et tendances. Il doit être force de proposition permanente dans la définition de la stratégie de communication.

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What are the qualities of a good Digital Marketing Manager?

A good Digital Marketing Manager must have a real knowledge of the Web. Unlike the classic marketing manager, he only uses digital tools such as natural and paid search engine optimization, social networks, tracking and many others to develop his strategy.

The job of a Digital Marketing Manager also requires great creativity and reactivity. It is only with these qualities and his ability to adapt that the expert will be able to face any type of problem related to his field. He must be able to make proposals.

The Innovation and Web Strategy Manager is required to have managerial skills, as he is at the head of a web marketing team. In addition, he must have a good knowledge of sociology, especially to understand the behavior of Internet users, know his partners as well as his competitors.

In addition, a good Digital Marketing Manager is comfortable with numbers and expresses himself perfectly in English, both written and spoken.

Why recruit a Digital Marketing Manager?

A company is recruiting a Digital Marketing Manager to maximize the points of contact between the brand and the Internet user. To do this, the expert's mission is to set up a strategic watch to analyze the positioning of products and services on the Web and on digital markets. The Digital Marketing Manager is required to design concepts related to digital offers or interactive services. By taking into account the financial, technical and legal constraints, he has to translate the concepts into innovative products and services.

As the first person in charge of marketing operations, the Digital Marketing Manager is in charge of monitoring marketing budgets and also of monitoring the impact of marketing actions.

What is the role of a Digital Marketing Manager?

A Digital Marketing Manager or Web Product Marketing Manager has the primary role of a marketer, as the name suggests. He or she knows what customers want and, thanks to a well thought-out strategy, defines how to sell the company's digital product or service.

A WMR is also an animator, as his mission is to improve the notoriety of his e-commerce company by animating social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The Digital Marketing Manager must therefore monitor all the commercial actions that take place there.

As the line manager of a team, the Digital Marketing Manager coordinates his external and internal collaborators to ensure that all projects initiated are completed on time and within budget.

What is the profile of a Digital Marketing Manager?

A Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Marketing Manager is usually a graduate of a business school completed with an MBA or a Master's degree specialized in Internet-oriented marketing, webmarketing, e-commerce, etc. To become an RMD, you must have a 5-year degree and prove a minimum of 3 years experience in the Web professions.

This position is easily accessible to people with a good experience in social networks, telecom operators and search engines.

With all his or her responsibilities, the Digital Marketing Manager can eventually take the lead of the entire marketing department of the company, everything that revolves around community management, referencing and affiliation.



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