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The mobile developer of the future is taking advantage of the growing and now predominant place of mobile devices in global web traffic. Mastering ad hoc programming languages as well as the rules of mobile development, this developer creates web applications. Whether it is the mobile version of a website or a full-fledged application, it must be accessible on the phone and on a tablet and perfectly adapted to navigation on these devices. The mobile developer can increasingly be brought to work on IoT applications for connected objects.

His mission is to develop the application according to the specifications, add new functionalities to an existing application, test and maintain it, without forgetting to write the technical documentation. Under the orders of a mobile web project manager, he collaborates with web designers, product owners, QA but also other developers. It is his responsibility to propose technical solutions allowing a maximum of evolutions and to implement them according to the specificities of the project.

On the technology side, he can work on one or more platforms, and develop applications under Android, or iOS for Apple iPhones. Depending on the specificity of the project, he will have to master one or more of these native environments, and the associated technologies Objective C, Swift, Java, Apache Cordova, JavaScript / HTML5, REST web services...

Holder of an engineering degree, a university degree, or equivalent, the mobile application developer must be sensitive to ergonomics and quality graphic interfaces. Autonomous and rigorous, the relational is not an empty word for him and he appreciates teamwork, meeting deadlines and developing in the rules of art.

How can you find this mobile application development engineer, passionate about new technologies, who you miss? Take advantage of UNE®'s rich catalog of profiles to find the candidate who will successfully energize your projects.

Why recruit a mobile developer?

While there are a few mobile developers working as freelancers, most of them work within a company, specialized firms and agencies, but also with software publishers, telephone operators, or digital service companies (ESN).

After a few years of experience and having demonstrated his skills and competencies, a mobile developer can hope to become a mobile or web project manager if he works within a company. He brings an added value to the company because he participates in its growth and development.

What is the profile of a mobile developer?

Coming from a Web or computer training, the Mobile Developer has a license or a master's degree in computer science.

Ideally, he or she has an engineering school education, but can just as well apply for the position with a short university degree in hand, followed by a specialized Bachelor's degree in computer science. However, experience in PHP development is highly recommended.

It should not be forgotten that this is a young profession: good profiles are rare, so training as a self-taught is a better alternative to complete an initial 3 to 5 years of training acquired at University, Computer Science School or Engineering School.

What are the qualities of a mobile developer?

Working at the heart of the new technologies and computer sectors, a mobile developer is not only required to be an outstanding computer scientist, but also to have a strong scientific knowledge, especially in determining the algorithms that are essential to the programs he creates. 

In addition to technical skills, it is recommended that a mobile developer has some communication skills, for example, to persuade customers of the quality of his designs. Finally, the mobile developer carries out his job in a field where it is necessary to be rigorous and aware of all technological developments and advances.

What is the role of a mobile developer?

The mobile developer creates applications: this can concern mobile versions of a real application that can be consulted on a smartphone and/or tablet or a website. But his main tasks are the following. First, he evaluates the specifications provided by the mobile web project manager with whom he collaborates in his job. These specifications meet the client's needs as well as the specifications to be followed. Then, he chooses a technical solution according to the otherness of the project. Then, he creates the application. During the technical development, he stays in touch with the team in charge of the web design or the production of the content to keep an adjustment in the project. In addition, he performs tests to verify that the mobile application meets the specifications.



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