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Are you opening a front-end developer position in the Geneva area or in French-speaking Switzerland?

UNE® offers you a selection of candidates whose profiles have been seriously studied in order to make your choice serenely. Experts in the search for web development professionals, we are sure to find for you the front-end developer who will fully meet your needs.

The front-end developer's mission is to develop the user interface of a site or web application, that is to say, to create web pages accessible to Internet users. Close to the job of web integrator, he combines ergonomics and development under the aegis of a web project manager. To do so, he must know at least the web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP.

His role is to design responsive web pages, perfectly adapted to mobile and tablet reading, and working uniformly regardless of the browsers used. If he does not intervene on the internal mechanisms of the application or site, the front developer is both creative and meticulous to achieve a perfect interface that meets the specifications.

Knowing JavaScript at your fingertips is a prerequisite, mastering several libraries and frameworks (JQuery, Angular, Backbone...) to manage user-browser interactions is highly recommended. The main current browsers and their specificities should therefore have no secrets for him. The sites and applications he creates need to be cross-browsers, functional and fluid.

His skills in W3C standards, HTML 5 and CSS 3 must be strong. Knowledge of the Bootstrap framework and PHP is a plus not to be neglected. In the age of mobility, his ability to make a web page responsive for an optimal display whatever the device used, mobile, tablet, computer, is also essential. Being comfortable with design and image processing software is also part of his technical background. 

The front-end developer can be a graduate of a computer science or engineering school. Armed with these excellent bases, they will work in project teams under the supervision of a project manager in collaboration with various profiles such as integrator, back-end developer, tester, web designer. The ability to be autonomous, while being able to interact effectively with the various components of a technophile team, is therefore essential.

Front-end developer is a profession currently in demand on the web job market, in Geneva as well as in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Let's be frank, the dream candidate will not come out of a hat, which is why developing a partnership with UNE® is a very valuable asset to benefit from value profiles without delay.

Why recruit a front-end developer?

The sectors that recruit these types of jobs are the companies that create websites, communication agencies, merchant sites ... generally speaking, all companies that have a website of a certain size need front-end developers. We find more and more HTML Developers as Freelance.

Indeed, this professional is very much in demand in many fields of activity. He intervenes on all the elements that appear on the screen. He contributes to the evolution and growth of the company. He also participates in the enlargement of the customer portfolio and the increase of its turnover.

What is the profile of a front-end developer?

An initial training in computer science is required to learn the programming languages most often used for Front-End development (CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript...). A university degree in computer science followed by a post-graduate degree in an engineering school or university, or in a computer science school will allow the future developer to obtain a good basis which are valuable in his daily missions.

In addition, the front-end developer can enrich his skills and turn towards "backend" development thanks to the languages used on the servers (such as Python, Java or PHP) or the application architecture. These training courses will enable them to stay on the market and deepen their knowledge in order to convert to a more technical position. 

What are the qualities of a front-end developer?

The Front-End developer must necessarily have CSS3 and HTML5 skills. Moreover, he must constantly update his knowledge, because changes are very fast. But knowledge of CSS3 and HTML5 is not enough: he must be fully conversant with W3C standards (even if here too, advanced monitoring is required) to make sites accessible.

Curiosity is also an indispensable quality to stay up to date, as technologies evolve very quickly. A strong knowledge of the particularities of each browser is also necessary so that the sites work intuitively and pleasantly, whatever the configuration. 

What is the role of a front-end developer?

On a daily basis, the front-end developer works with many programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, and he improves the visual aesthetics of the website. He makes navigation on the pages more pleasant and fluid for the user, and makes sure that compatibility with new endpoints (tablets, smartphones, mobile) is not a problem, especially by respecting WC3 standards. Indeed, standards must be well respected for sites to work correctly without navigation problems for Internet users. The Front-End developer is therefore obliged to check everything beforehand while carrying out tests before going into production.



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