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Are you offering a job as a Backbone developer?

At UNE® you will find a panel of Backbone talents, from junior to senior. Experts in numerical profiles, we focus the recruitment of the developer on strict criteria: an advanced training, a proven mastery of technique but also undeniable human qualities and at least a successful experience.

The Backbone developer is by definition a specialist of the Backbone.js JavaScript framework. His main mission is to develop and structure front-end web applications. He develops according to the MVC principles of models seen collections and produces a "clean" javascript code, easily maintainable and scalable. He knows how to manage high-volume javascript performance issues on site. A very good mastery of front-end development technologies is required, in terms of preprocessors, standards, JS POO dev... in addition to the basics of HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery. The Backbone developer can wear the full stack developer hat if he can also write backend code like NodeJS, PHP / MySQL but obviously HTML as well. He can be Lead dev or the Backbone.js referent in a multi-skilled developer staff. 

Dynamic and rigorous, the Backbone javascript developer likes the development of web projects and functionally rich applications offering many interactions with the user, the Agile philosophy and collaboration within a technophile and passionate team, without forgetting the essential technology watch and the documentation of his code.

Trained in web development, he followed a graduate course in computer science. Various experiences in JS development make him an autonomous professional in his field of expertise.

Finding an excellent backbone developer in French-speaking Switzerland seems difficult for you today? With the assistance of the UNE® agency, you will have access to an extensive portfolio of qualified and motivated candidates, Swiss or European, ready to invest fully in your web projects and the development of your company.

What are the qualities of a Backbone.JS developer?

As a web technician, the backbone,JS developer must above all master the technical areas of his job. For example, he must be able to master computer languages such as React JS, Hybris JSP, HTML, SASS, CSS, JS and also frameworks such as JQuery, AngularJS, or ExtJS.

Throughout his career, he is brought to work on different missions, going from the application to the website of a company. Thus, he has to be able to follow the technological evolution and to keep his skills up to date at all times. In addition, he must also be familiar with image processing and DTP software.

What are the profiles of a Backbone.JS developer?

The Backbone.JS Developer is a person who may have come out of the web design world with a strong development background. In general, he or she must have a university degree or a graduate degree from a computer science or engineering school. These trainings allow him/her to get a good basis to then work in the field with teams.

However, he can always reinforce his skills and move on to other development to move on to other positions such as back-end development or other. He can even move towards UX creation and design.

What are the roles of a Backbone.JS developer?

The position of a Backbone.JS developer is above all a technical position. The role of this professional is to create a client's web architecture. It is he who defines the collections and Backbone models. In addition, he also manages navigation with routers and designs templates for backbone views. He will then match the data with the server and use the underscore features. 

As a front end, he analyzes problematic situations on product deployment and performs tests to enhance the product while maintaining the brand identity.

Why hire a Backbone.JS developer?

The Backbone.JS developer is a valuable person in a company. He must perfectly master the standards issued by the computer languages he uses and have a good knowledge of the particularities of each browser in order to verify that the sites work smoothly and pleasantly, whatever the configuration. 

He works in close collaboration with the web project manager and carries out several tasks in order to complete the project entrusted to him. This professional can work in a web agency, a company or a digital services company. He contributes to the development of the latter.



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