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Is a back end developer missing from your workforce?

UNE®, a full-service communication and recruitment agency, has been on the digital road for 20 years already. Experts in technology talent profiling, we have enough certified web development profiles in our portfolio to find the right fit for you!

The back-end developer is mostly in charge of the back office part, the elements of a desktop or mobile web project not appearing when browsing, as opposed to the front end developer in charge of the interface. His/her mission is therefore to manage the implementation, configuration, development and maintenance of the server and web application as well as the administration of the database. 

He works closely with the front end developer, the technical project manager, the Big Data engineer. Working from needs analysis to the development, evolution and maintenance of the technical functionalities of the web site or application, through the recommendation of technical solutions, he evolves in an Agile organization. He can also be brought to work as a full stack developer on some projects if his skills cover front end technologies. 

The skills of the back end developer are vast. Depending on his working environment, he knows several languages: PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, SQL, Node.JS, ASP ... Having a strong command of a Zend, Laravel, Symfony, Spring framework, he also juggles with APIs. A very good technical level is always required from this web design professional.

The back-end developer needs to deepen his knowledge in the second cycle to broaden his knowledge and seriously address all the concepts required to do this job. The experience acquired on various missions is essential to acquire the significant expertise needed on a complex project. 

But where in French-speaking Switzerland can you find this back-end developer who would enrich your teams? Quite simply in the pool of profiles of UNE®, which can pride itself on being able to find for its partners candidates with the best technical and human resources. Thanks to the efficiency of its long-proven recruitment method, UNE® enables you to recruit the rare pearl without losing your interest.

What is the profile of a back end developer?

Nowadays, certain career paths are possible to become a back-end programmer, like other IT-related jobs. To learn databases and programming languages, integration in universities, a school in computer science, or a school in engineering is mandatory to become one. 

To master the essential computer languages used in back-end such as PHP, Ruby, Java or JavaScript via NodeJS, following a BTS computer science or DUT can already do the trick. But to become an expert, it is possible to follow additional training to obtain all the required knowledge on the job.

What is the role of a back-end developer?

A back-end developer is in opposition to a front office or front-end application because it is a developer who works on desktop, web or mobile applications, on the portion that is inaccessible to end users or clients. 

As they are called back-office or back-end, this professional works on all the bases of a web project invisible when browsing a website.

By designing a web site with the aim of having a clear and simple interface for the Internet user, he is also able to realize a technical architecture of the site, or stay on the established site and adapt technical purposes on it.

What are the qualities of a back-end developer?

The position of a web developer is a technical position that requires technical and strategic qualities. For this, he must be able to make suggestions and recommendations. On a daily basis, he may encounter constraints and irrational demands from his superiors, who have no knowledge of the feasibility or risks, consistency of their request. Faced with this type of situation, a Back-End Developer must be strong in argument and advice vis-à-vis his superiors and his team.

 To avoid an expensive and slow campaign, for example a site redesign, a Back-End Developer must have technical solutions to implement which is one of his objectives.  

Why recruit a back-end developer?

In general, a Backend Developer reports to the technical project manager. With these varied sectors of activity such as banking, transportation, insurance or telecommunications, a Backend Developer is in charge of several tasks. 

In addition, he or she may also be required to lead the customer once the site is delivered to him or her and to approve the functionalities developed with his or her team. A Backend Developer must also be able to meet the customer's requirements while recommending technical solutions throughout the life of the website. He or she must also have technical qualifications on budget and time management in order to deliver the product on time.



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