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The 3D designer puts his client's ideas into shape to model or prototype a product. He first conceives the object from dedicated 3D design and conception softwares. He thinks it through the prisms of ergonomics, aesthetics, production constraints, industry standards, etc...

He works in close collaboration with the graphic designer, the salesperson, the project manager and synthesizes the inputs to propose the modeling of the product.

In some cases, he then supervises the manufacturing of a prototype using a 3D printer. In other cases, 3D design will be a definite added value to model spaces and places (in the real estate field in particular) and offer virtual reality experiences to customers. For others, it will be a video experience in the context of an advertisement, a commercial spot or a dressing.

The 3D designer will have a university education in the field of applied arts, visual communication or specifically 3D design. Depending on the sectors, a specialization (training or experience) will be required or highly appreciated (luxury, industrial, automotive fields, etc.).

This profile must of course be creative and imaginative. It will also have to be rigorous, attentive to detail and capable of synthesizing information from several contributors. Mastery of dedicated design software (web, CAD, etc.) is a must.

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What is the profile of a 3D designer?

The evolution of new technologies has led to the emergence of new professions. One of them is the 3D designer. To be eligible for this position, studies in applied arts, visual communication and 3D design are highly recommended. The student can carry out his curriculum in specialized institutions such as schools of computer science, audiovisual or video games. His academic background will enable him to identify CAD or CAD software, which are essential techniques of the profession. Besides, a first experience as a 3D designer is a great asset for a recruit. Several internships are therefore to be expected.

What is the role of a 3D designer?

The 3D designer designs characters or shapes according to a three-axis reference frame called 3D or 3 dimensions. He elaborates and follows a project, in perfect agreement with his client and of course with the image of the company he works for. This expert creates digital sculptures, computer-generated images for many industries and for video games. The medical sector is also very interested in this new profession. The designer can be brought to work directly with the material of his choice to shape his sculpture. As a reminder, his work wavers between the real and the virtual, materiality and immateriality.

What are the qualities of a 3D designer?

The 3D designer must be creative. This asset is essential to give life and volume to a drawing, in accordance with the company's values. To design several digital sculptures, he should not be short of ideas. Another quality highly appreciated by the 3D designer is his patience. Very often, he can be brought to develop models with a lot of details. It is thus imperative that he has patience, rigor, but also precision to realize his sculptures. Also, the designer must have good interpersonal skills and be open-minded.

Why recruit a 3D designer?

Going through a 3D designer will save you time. Of course, you will also benefit from the skills and know-how of this professional. Since this job requires specific studies and knowledge, it is not within everyone's reach. If your internal collaborators do not have the necessary skills for your project, recruiting one or more 3D designers can only be recommended. Also, hiring the services of this professional will allow you to benefit from a lot of good advice on the designs you want to realize. In short, you will have more chances to succeed in your project with a 3D designer.



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