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Are you actively looking for new talent in data analysis and classification?

To replace one of your team members, bring new energy or strengthen your workforce, UNE® will accompany you throughout the recruitment process.

UNE® relies on a rich portfolio of profiles selected according to strict criteria. The agency can also activate its networks to find a talent that meets all your requirements.

Data Miner is one of the new businesses born from the emergence of Big Data. Its role is pivotal in the company: it analyzes the data collected in the different departments (and first and foremost the sales department) to establish the orientations and strategy.

The Data Miner, literally a data miner, is the one who knows how to identify important information extracted from the daily and long-term activity of the company in order to carry out analyses, statistical reports and to identify underlying trends and models. On the basis of these elements, data mining can then be used to suggest directions or propose a marketing or commercial project in particular.

A data miner is often the result of a higher education. Recent courses specifically oriented towards Big Data are particularly appropriate for this profession. There are also graduates in econometrics, statistics with a marketing, web or computer science speciality.

The profile should be distinguished by:

  1. its sense of organization, its rigor in the management of information
  2. its ability to analyze and cross-reference data
  3. its communication skills, its ability to adapt to projects, methods and tools

Because of its key role in the definition of the long-term strategy but also in the daily operation of the company, the choice of the data miner profile is essential. UNE® is the ideal partner to find the talent that will strengthen your team. Present both in Switzerland and on a European scale, our agency accompanies you from the identification of your needs to the signature of the contract. 

What is the profile of a Data Miner?

There is a talent that specializes in data analysis and classification. We talk about a Data Miner, it's a profession that was born from the emergence of Big Data. A Data Miner is the result of a higher education specialized in Big Data. There are also graduates in econometrics, statistics with a specialization in marketing, Web or computer science. He can be junior or confirmed. In addition to his higher education, he has had the opportunity to acquire important skills. Indeed, he has professional experience in Data Mining, especially from data sources. He also has experience in Data Visualization. 

What is the role of a Data Miner?

Its role is first to analyze the Datas collected in the different departments and first of all in the commercial department in order to establish orientations and strategies. Then he produces statistical reports and identifies the underlying trends and patterns. In order to complete his mission, he must first identify data in open data. Then, he cleans and integrates the data for exploitation. Then, he analyzes the data to respond to different cases crossed by the company and or customers of the company. Then, he restores these analyses thanks to tools such as dataviz, table. Finally, he communicates with the other teams.

What are the qualities of a good Data Miner?

A Data Miner is a versatile person even if he or she has a specialization on Big Data. The Data Miner is distinguished by his sense of organization and also by his rigor in the management of information. He has a capacity for data analysis and cross-referencing. It has expertise in communication skills, adaptation to projects, methods and tools. He is able to suggest a marketing and/or commercial project. He has a good sense of professionalism and dynamism. He knows the rules to be respected and to be involved in the field of the work entrusted to him.

Why recruit a Data Miner?

By its key role in the definition of the long-term strategy but also in the daily operation of the company. A Data Miner seems to be the perfect solution for a company because it has the talent it needs to come up with new ideas for the design of company projects. By recruiting this talent, the company is demonstrating a good strategy that will allow it to stand out from its competitors, and this is what all companies are looking to do, i.e. to be seen and known while evolving and remaining better than the various competitors on the market.



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