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The data manager is one of the new professions born from the emergence of Big Data. The computerization of companies has led to the production of a large amount of information. The data manager is responsible for collecting, managing and setting up databases. 

Originally anchored in the banking-insurance, statistics or health sectors, the data manager is now a position that can be found in most large groups and increasingly in smaller structures. It is a real competitive advantage in the perception of demand and in marketing analysis.

He is therefore both in statistical analysis but also responsible for data management and IT optimization of the company's operations.

Of course, this position requires a perfect mastery of computers and specialized management software. This is an essentially solitary position, but one that must nevertheless remain connected to the team. The data manager must be able to coordinate the proper use of databases by other employees and also communicate the results of his work. Furthermore, complete discretion is required, as most of the information processed within the company is confidential. 

The data manager (also called data scientist or data analyst) is usually trained in computer science or statistics. As this profile is increasingly sought after, graduates with two years of higher education may be eligible for these positions.

A double skill (cross marketing or finance) is often appreciated by companies, it allows a more refined approach to the field.

The UNE® Agency helps you determine your needs and find the talent your company needs, with Swiss and European profiles. 

What is the profile of a Data Manager?

The Data Manager is one of the new emerging professions of the big data. Companies have evolved by becoming computerized and as a result, there is a lot of data production. The latter must be collected and stored. The Data Manager is responsible for this. It has its place in particular in the banking-insurance, statistics and even in the health sector. It is therefore a position that can be found in large groups but also in smaller structures. You should know that the Data Manager can also be called Data Scientist or Data Analyst. He or she comes from a background in either IT or statistics. Graduates with a bachelor's degree can get this position if they are highly motivated. It is appreciated to have a double competence, especially in marketing or finance. 

What is the role of a Data Manager?

In a company, the role of the data manager is to ensure the management of databases. It takes place in three very simple steps: first he has to collect, then he will manage and then he will store the databases. To do this, he is both in statistical analysis but also responsible for data management and for the IT optimization of the company's operations. It is an autonomous position but he can collaborate with teams, especially for the communication of the results of his work while respecting the confidentiality parameters.

What are the qualities of a good data manager?

A good data manager has a good command of IT and specialized management software. He or she must also know how to coordinate the proper use of databases. The data is provided to him by other employees, but he must also know how to communicate with them, particularly in order to report the results of the missions he has been assigned. He may be working on confidential data, in which case his managers expect him to have a good sense of discretion. He is fluent in English. He is rigorous, autonomous, a good communicator and proactive, he is a good employee.

Why recruit a Data Manager?

A Data Manager is a versatile expert because he can work either in companies that specialize in banking and finance or even in companies that work in the healthcare sector. This makes them a real competitive advantage in the perception of demand and in marketing analysis. As he is an expert in this profession while being versatile, recruiting him will never be a kind of loss in terms of the investment the company has to make to hire him. He facilitates the execution of various tasks and their distribution within the company he works with.



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