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If you are looking for a Data Architect, UNE can direct you to the right person for your needs and expectations. A selection among several profiles will be made in order to provide you with the expert who will perfectly meet the different criteria that you will have previously defined. The Data Architect handles the processing of the data collected by your company with professionalism.

In order to better understand their customer base and define a more precise target of people, companies use data that is generated worldwide. The Data Architect, as its name implies, will manage the data architecture and will process raw data from various external or internal sources. It must put in place a real organization in order to optimize the data that will be collected. It will therefore develop storage infrastructures that will make up the Data Management architecture. Then comes the design of a plan to centralize, integrate, maintain and protect the data he will have collected.

The Data Architect is primarily responsible for the infrastructure's information system, which must be scalable according to the customer's needs and projects. He will ensure the coherence of the entire database structure thanks to his overall vision. He also studies the frameworks (software infrastructures) so that they correspond perfectly to the company's objectives.

The Data Architect works in close collaboration with the Data Scientist who provides him with the data he will have to process. His skills are highly specialized. He must, among other things, have a perfect mastery of the tools and computer language and be comfortable with the main Big Data technologies (Spark, Hadoop, NoSQL). Then, among the skills required, understanding English is essential for processing data collected on platforms around the world.

The Data Architect must also have good writing skills. Also, from a psychological point of view, it is essential to have a good resistance to stress and fatigue. Organization, management and rigor are also essential values in this profession.

Are you struggling to find a Data Architect you can trust who can best adapt to your business? Are you based in France (Paris, Lyon, Toulouse...) or Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne...)? Let UNE take care of recruiting a professional and competent Data Architect. We will make a meticulous selection in order to provide you with a catalog of the best profiles that will be in adequacy with your research. Your new collaborator is here! 

What is the profile of a Data Architect?

Companies collect data to track the demands and changing needs of their customers in order to better position their products and services. The Data Architect will manage the architecture and processing of the raw data collected by the company. He is coming out of a higher education course while acquiring a form of sensitivity to the issues concerning data analysis, as well as to assist in decision making. He has validated professional experiences that have given him knowledge in database modeling, especially relational and dimensional, in SQL language and data processing tools such as ETL. He can be specialized directly in Big Data or he can have knowledge in this field.

What is the role of a Data Architect?

Its main role is to ensure the proper management of the architecture and processing of data generated worldwide and collected by the company. In order to fulfill his role, he sets up an organization to bring an optimization of his data. First, it will develop storage infrastructures that will make up the Data Management architecture. Then, he will design a plan to centralize, integrate, maintain and protect the data he will have collected. Then he ensures that the infrastructure's information system is always scalable according to customer needs. Finally, he ensures the correspondence between his work and the company's objectives by studying Frameworks, which are software infrastructures.

What are the qualities of a good Data Architect?

To be a good Data Architect, you must first of all master the software and tools used in particular to ensure the architecture of the data. He is an expert in his field and that is why he has a perfect mastery of computer tools and also computer languages. He is very comfortable with the latest technologies of Big Data including Spark, Hadoop, NoSQL. As he works closely with the Data Scientist who provides him with the data he will have to process, he must be at ease with relationships. An understanding of the English language is required in this job as it allows him to process data on the platform from all over the world. Good writing skills are among the qualities of a good Data Architect. He is able to work under pressure because his tasks can make him stressed and can tire him out. He therefore has good organizational and management skills, and the rigor to understand and evolve autonomously in this ecosystem. He has the ambition to evolve.

Why recruit a Data Architect?

The data accumulated around the world is what we used to call raw data, and we need their form and structure data. The Data Architect is a specialist in the formatting of its data. He will allow the experts in the company he works with to exploit his data. Each expert has at least one role of his own in a company and they should never be confused due to their specialization. This is why a company that works closely with databases must complement its professional and dynamic team with a Data Architect.



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