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The technical project manager (also called CTO: Chief Technical Officer) has the mission to propose optimized technical solutions, specific to a company's environment. He or she is responsible for several missions, including setting up the schedule, monitoring the project, respecting the budget and writing the specifications. His responsibilities may vary, but his role is always to propose technical answers adapted to the client's needs. He will often be required to lead a technical team and act as a coordinator between several developers. 

A technical project manager knows all the development tools, masters databases and application solutions. He or she works closely with the functional project manager and intervenes after the latter to provide a technical counterpart, which can lead to the programming of a website or an application. A versatile computer technician, the technical project manager has multiple skills. He masters both Frameworks and new technologies, has a solid foundation in artificial intelligence and information systems. 

The technical director usually has three to five years of experience behind him, during which time he has learned how to manage projects from start to finish, while managing a team of several people. He also has good human qualities, which allow him to temporize and resolve possible conflicts in order to act efficiently and ensure the smooth running of the project. 

If you wish to call upon a technical project manager, UNE® is at your service and will act as an intermediary between you and the specialized web technicians who will be able to meet your expectations.  

What is the profile of a technical project manager?

A technical project manager must have a Bachelor's degree in Management and/or IT. He must also have a strong general knowledge in computer science such as development methodologies, systems architecture and CRM... Without neglecting the understanding of programming languages specific to the Internet and mobile Internet (CSS, Java/J2EE, XHTML, AJAX, PHP, Action script, Framework...).

For project modifications, whether functional or budgetary, the technical project manager must be inventive and reactive, always in sync with future developments in order to easily integrate new modules without having to redevelop the whole plan.

What is the role of a technical project manager?

The technical project manager is an essential position in the IT sector. In fact, it is he who manages and implements all the techniques related to the computer specifications of a company's activities, environment and customers.

Internal or external, it is the technical project manager who technically examines the requirements of clients in the agency. He then programs and implements the IT development of internet and/or mobile web services or products.

Once the technical answers are defined, the technical project manager establishes them in a specification to give it to the team of developers responsible for programming the website or application. 

What are the qualities of a technical project manager?

Managerial and technical are the two qualities that a technical project manager must have. He must be able to overcome user requirements and constraints as well as to understand the company environment where he works (or his client).

Knowledge of the main web languages must also be part of his skills. As an expert, he must be able to use the various technical tools and analyze the components of a project. Rigor, autonomy, listening and communication skills as well as reactivity are qualities that allow him to effectively respond to customer needs and to motivate a team.

Why recruit a technical project manager?

A technical project manager is called for his particular technical skills as in the SSII or service company in computer engineering. He commits on behalf of a service or consulting company such as a software publisher or user company, a consulting company in information systems to contribute in very specific and particular sectors. This obliges him to move constantly even abroad. 

Alone or in a team, a technical project manager must be versatile because he may have to work with an IT manager and in relation with a functional project manager on behalf of a client company where he has to work in a group. 

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