CRM Project Manager

To use the services of a CRM project manager within your team, UNE® can help you find the ideal profile, by opening up its wide repertoire of qualified professionals. You will be able to find the perfect person to join your company in no time at all.

The CRM (Costumer Relationship Management) project manager specializes in customer interactions and constantly seeks to optimize them. He manages tools to improve these relationships and develops relationship marketing adapted to a specific company. His/her main mission is to recruit new customers while retaining old ones: by getting to know them better and anticipating their needs. 

A CRM project manager is a human relations professional, who must harmonize and perfect the relations between a company and its customers. He or she develops tools that will ultimately generate profits. 

The main assets of the CRM project manager are his great organizational skills, his knowledge of digital marketing, management, and his general ability to manage. He/she is able to handle figures, manage CRM databases, develop digital marketing actions adapted to bring precise solutions to customers. 

The CRM project manager has often carried out E-marketing and business studies, before training in one or more companies. Usually with a Bachelor's degree, they are able to adapt to the environment in which they are immersed, to put their skills at the service of customer support and project management.

If you wish to call on a CRM project manager to bring added value to your team and to enable them to take charge of certain aspects of your company, UNE® can act as a gateway to meet the most competent people.

What is the profile of a CRM Project Manager?

A good CRM Project Manager usually comes from a university or college education and has a dedicated degree. As this is a technical-functional position, training based on different skills is required for those who want to make a career in this profession. Marketing, multi-channel communication and programming are not to be neglected in order to carry out one's duties properly.

A CRM Project Manager is often at the head of a team. This is why it is preferable that he or she has at least 5 years of experience and excellent managerial skills. The technological and competitive intelligence also allows him to anticipate the needs of customers and advertisers and to handle figures perfectly. All these qualities are the basis of a CRM Project Manager's ability to demonstrate great rigor on a daily basis.

What is the role of a CRM Project Manager?

The CRM project manager or customer relationship manager is the first person in charge of customer relations. His/her role is to manage the relationship with the consumer with the aim of understanding him/her through various actions, particularly via Internet tools, to build loyalty. Having a knowledge of digital tools and the functioning of the Internet, the CRM and loyalty manager thus implements tools that allow him to regularly monitor exchanges and develop his general knowledge of customers and their expectations. He is the clever mix of marketing, IT and sales. This is why he or she is given a central role in a company's sales department.

What are the qualities of a good CRM Project Manager?

To become a CRM project manager, you must have excellent knowledge in marketing and technical webmarketing (ROI, traffic, affiliation, etc.). The person who practices this profession knows the business sector of his company perfectly.

In order to carry out his or her mission, the CRM project manager must be familiar with reporting and statistics tools (SPSS, Excel, etc.), Buyer utility map (BUM) and Win-Back tools, the main email campaign programming tools, as well as the main computer and web language software (SQL, HTML, JavaScript, etc.).

In addition, a CRM Project Manager must have very good analytical and synthesis skills, master English, be a good listener, a good communicator and curious about the evolution of the competitive market.

Why recruit a CRM project manager?

The missions of the CRM project manager vary according to the structure of the company in which he evolves. He or she is generally in charge of managing a database by collecting all the elements that make up the customer life cycle (general information, purchases, expectations, subscriptions, complaints, etc.). These enable him to make segmented analyses of their behavior and to implement the best loyalty strategy to generate commitment. It can, among other things, take care of customer relations on the Internet, notably through the automation of campaigns or the personalization of the website according to the browsing habits of each consumer. It can also manage the sending of emails in case of promotion or for a customer's birthday.



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