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Looking for the analytics project manager who will know how to optimize your web traffic and optimize your presence on the Internet?

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Long outsourced for a long time, the position of analytics project manager is more and more exercised at the advertiser's because of the growing strategic importance of the Internet audience with customers concerned about the performance of their online traffic. In charge of analyzing data and optimizing this traffic by deploying and administering web analytics tools, the analytics project manager's mission is to optimize the paths and browsing behavior of visitors to the site entrusted to him. As a true manager of the online customer experience, he is thus led to propose marketing action plans to improve the bounce rates, transformation and other KPIs from the web data and to monitor the effects following the adaptation of the campaigns. 

Often coming from a general higher education such as a business or engineering school, the analytics project manager has an excellent understanding of the challenges of the web and digital and, ideally, a first experience having confronted the problems of big data management.

In addition to a perfect mastery of web analytics tools such as Google analytics and tagging techniques, the analytics project manager must also demonstrate the analytical and synthesis skills required to manage several projects within the organization at the same time.

Wondering how to find the rare pearl?

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What is the profile of an Analytics project manager?

Internet users sometimes wonder if there are people who are in charge of the management and presence of one or more people from all over the world, especially on the Web and networks. To answer this question, it is necessary to know that there are several professions that are related to the Web, but there is a specific profession for each role. In a Digital company, there is always a job whose function is to optimize the traffic on the Web but especially the presence on the Internet. We speak then of an Analytics project manager. This last one is graduated in Master. He has followed higher generalist training in a business or engineering school. Therefore, he has an excellent understanding of the issues on the Web and in the digital world. He has acquired professional experience in the field and therefore the problems of Big Data management are no longer new to him.

What is the role of an Analytics project manager?

As we said earlier, an Analytics project manager has two important roles: firstly, to optimize web traffic and secondly, to optimize the presence of Internet users on the Internet. His missions are numerous compared to the roles we have just mentioned. Firstly, it places strategies for the growth of the Internet audience with customers concerned about the performance of their online traffic. In order to set up a good strategy, he is in charge of analyzing the Data, deploying and administering the Web Analytics tools that he masters perfectly. This allows him to avoid making mistakes and to do a good job. It also allows him to optimize traffic, routes and especially the browsing behavior of visitors to the site he is entrusted with. Being an expert as an online customer experience manager, he proposes several marketing action plans in order to improve development rates, transformation rates and other Key Performance Indicators - KPIs or simply KPIs in the Web Data. Afterwards, he follows up on the effects following the adaptation of the campaigns.

What are the qualities of a good Analytics project manager?

Companies are competing for the expert who will make a good Analytics project manager. They therefore impose qualities that are for them characteristic of a good Analytics project manager. These qualities are well defined and very specific. An Analytics project manager must have completed a higher education in a business or engineering school. Successful professional experiences validate his understanding of the important issues in this constantly evolving environment. The host company provides him/her with the hardware, software and tools that will be useful to accomplish the missions that will be entrusted to him/her. Consequently, he must master in particular the management of Big Data, the use of Web Analytics and Google Analytics type tools and tagging techniques. It is also essential for him to have a good quality of analysis and also a good quality of synthesis for the management of projects within the organization where he works.

Why recruit an Analytics project manager?

An Analytics project manager is one of the rare pearls coveted by companies working in the digital world. It is therefore not easy to find one as the competition is tough. Indeed, thanks to his exceptional qualities, he holds an important place in a company, or even in an organization. As a result, he cannot be replaced by another expert. We have seen that he has two roles, both important for the development of the company's activities and that is why the company invests in recruiting this precious talent to join its team.



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