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The product manager is a position at the crossroads between analytics and operations. He will follow a product from its conception to its sales statistics. He will lead and study market studies and benchmarking to create the product that best meets expectations. He will help in the definition of raw materials, suppliers, quality level, packaging etc. It will also define the distribution channels. 

He will then accompany the product launch by coordinating communication. He will dialogue with the sales department to initiate sales. And in the long term, he will ensure the follow-up and the evolution of the sales of the product as well as the market. He or she will manage the network and, if necessary, will develop the product, the price and the offer in order to always meet demand as well as possible. This is therefore a position of high responsibility that involves several years of experience in the sector. 

Ideally the product manager has a Bachelor's degree in marketing. Depending on the sector of activity, a double competence is appreciated (specialization in luxury or industry for example).

Analytical qualities are fundamental. It must be able to process large amounts of information both upstream and downstream of the product launch in order to refine the product development strategy and distribution management.

His team skills are also to be evaluated: he will be responsible for animating but also driving dynamism and, if necessary, change in different departments. His management skills are therefore essential, as well as experience in managing and managing several products.

Furthermore, mastery of IT tools is fundamental, whether it is big data or digital marketing.

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Why recruit a product manager?

A product manager is indispensable for a production company. He ensures the smooth running of the production workshop. Apart from that, he also manages the products created until they are put on the market. He or she works closely with the communication department to promote the products and with the finance department to put them on the market. A product manager cannot be replaced in a company because he plays important roles and has his own qualities as such. In addition, the company must invest in the recruitment of a product manager to ensure the life of its product or brand. 

What is the profile of a product manager?

A product manager is a person who has completed higher education at a college or university. He or she has a university degree in marketing. Like any company manager, he must also have validated 4 to 5 years of experience in the field or in a similar field with a very good mastery of marketing software. Apart from that, he must be autonomous, able to work under pressure and able to exceed his limits. A good capacity of analysis is essential in order to bring some dynamism in the company. The product manager is therefore responsible, guarantor of the product management as a whole.

What is the role of a product manager?

The product manager ensures the creation of a product or a family of products. He or she is responsible for the creation of a product, its launch, promotion and implementation on the market. He or she is also in charge of the follow-up and development/modification of this product and even its replacement if necessary. He follows the commercial procedures defined by the company's management. He ensures the internal and external relationship by working as a team within the sales department and also with other departments of the company. Thanks to the various IT tools, he manages the product ranges. Then, the communication tools allow him to communicate information.

What are the qualities of a good product manager?

The qualities required for a good product manager are numerous. He has to be creative, dynamic and reactive in order to satisfy customer needs with innovative ideas. Listening and available, a good leader always works as a team and they try to achieve goals together. To work in a team, you need good interpersonal skills. Apart from that, he must have a sense of analysis, adapt and always have a sense of service. This means having a good sense of curiosity about the movement of the product and also about competitors. 



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