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A specialist in business intelligence, the business intelligence manager's main function is to analyze the functional and technical needs of the organization and to define the architecture best suited to its business and objectives. 

In addition to developing the various integration processes, he or she also plays an essential role in adapting and supporting the various users to the decision support tools he or she has implemented. This key position is suitable for profiles from engineering schools or master's/doctorate degrees in computer science with a specialization in information processing tools or decisional computing. 

In order to manage his responsibilities as a Business Intelligence project manager, the ideal candidate will have been able to test his ability to take on the responsibility of transverse missions during a first experience in project management or as a manager in a company.

Indeed, if the main technical prerequisites of the position are based on data management and an indispensable mastery of data analytics tools, its field of competence must also cover the spectrum of data engineering, from architecture and database systems to various languages and decision-making tools.

Requiring a high degree of autonomy, the business intelligence manager function also requires management and reporting skills as well as a natural ability to collaborate with team members and decision-makers within the organization.

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What is the profile of a Business Intelligence Manager?

The job of Business Intelligence Manager is at the limit of IT marketing and consulting. He helps the company's managers to make decisions and this function places him at the center of the company's strategy. A business intelligence manager has a very specific profile to meet the requirements of the position. He or she has either completed a specialized training program for the profession and/or a higher education program specializing in business management at the Master's level, particularly in Master 1 or Master 2. These trainings and studies have forged him so that he can produce quality content, implement digital strategies, develop data analysis. He is therefore a specialist and expert in this function as a Business Intelligence Manager.

What is the role of a Business Intelligence Manager?

A business intelligence manager plays an important role in a company. This role is to guide and direct the management to take the right direction. He or she has several duties to ensure his or her role. Firstly, he analyzes the situation of a company on the market in order to draw and assimilate the problems that this company may face. It is an audit work which requires the linking of data. He will therefore seek and then collect data in order to analyze it in order to write a detailed report where he will issue his recommendations. This report will help in the decision making process with the objective of solving problems. Secondly, as a leader, he will manage a team of specialists including developers, web analysts and even traffic managers within the company. Their role is to implement the action plan and therefore he must manage projects while respecting the interests of the company and its leaders. Finally, thirdly, he puts in place processes and tools that will be used for decision making and they will also help improve the performance of the company's teams and the company itself.

What are the qualities of a good business intelligence manager?

The qualities of a good business intelligence manager are numerous depending on his role within a company. First of all, he has a sense of analysis in order to analyze the functional and technical needs of a company. To do this, he masters the good practices of auditing, particularly at the market level and at the level of the website and networks, databases, IT tools and techniques of the business intelligence manager. He also masters the writing and the field of synthesis which allows him to make a report of exploitable quality. Then, it is necessary to know that he is a good manager. He has essential knowledge in the world of business and communication, whether written or oral, particularly in summary notes, issuing recommendations, and mastering a good presentation. Being a leader, he has a good sense of relationship with a team managerial skill. Finally, with regard to the work software that he uses on a daily basis, he has the ability to master various tools including Sybase, Oracle, Datastage, Hyperion and/or SQL Server. He also has a good ease with datamining. 

Why recruit a Business Intelligence Manager?

In order to stay ahead of the issues facing a company, it is necessary to collect data and analyze it carefully in order to write it down. These data allow managers to make the best decision for the company. It is a business intelligence manager who is best qualified for this work. It is therefore essential for companies to invest in hiring this talent. It is important to know that it can find its place in various companies, particularly in consulting firms, in distribution companies, in banks or insurance companies, in computer engineering companies and in marketing agencies or startups. 



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