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The project manager, also called CDP, or project leader/manager, is the person who organizes and directs the different phases of a project. He is in control of all his management and must be able to adapt to all kinds of situations.

The CDP is under the responsibility of a project manager. He has several roles within a company such as controller, designer, expert, coach, or speaker. It is on him or her that the entire responsibility for the success of a project rests.

The project manager must know how to manage several decisive points. As soon as the project, the schedule and the budget are defined, the project manager can take action. His task will then be to manage and control the work effectively. Indeed, if there is the slightest problem, the project manager is held responsible. He therefore has a decisive role within a company. He has to take charge of the distribution of resources, such as labor, or equipment, in order to find an optimal solution involving the least possible cost for the project, while respecting the specifications. He must therefore follow and manage a project from its conception to its completion. Information systems must be beyond reproach.

However, he must not forget to take into account the customer's needs. Indeed, the project manager must respect the specifications, but also the level of quality that has been previously requested by the customer. Then, it is also up to him to guarantee the profitability of the projects he manages. There are therefore various tasks in which he must be involved such as negotiations with suppliers, responding to calls for tenders, checking contract commitment levels etc.

The project manager must have multiple skills because he represents projects within his company, but also externally. Among the required skills, you will find: to know how to be a good speaker, to know how to manage a team, a good stress management, and to have excellent communication skills. The job also requires computer skills. The good management of a project is based on these criteria.

In terms of training, the CDP has completed a specialized Master's degree, must be gifted in computer science, and must have at least five years of experience in consulting and development.

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Why recruit a project manager?

A project manager is an independent and autonomous expert, a service provider at heart. He offers an adequate formula to all your projects, which implies the responsibility to provide you with a quality service with a rigorous study.

As a leader, his presence provides a moral boost for the whole team and a source of improvement. He is the leader and the leader of the group. He is a specialist in his field with many experiences in his career. Such a profile is useful and indispensable for any company. He contributes to the development and smooth running of the company's activities.

What is the profile of a project manager?

A project manager has a Bachelor's degree in Management or/and Marketing. He has the obligation to know how to arrange all the transformations well. The evolution of the project rests on him, without turning away from the objective for which he is responsible. A project manager must have qualities such as: active listening, a sense of communication, human resources management, a positive vision, the ability to negotiate, etc.... Determining needs, planning resources and reporting to managers are common tasks in his field.  In addition, a project manager must be able to guarantee the continuity of the project. In his work environment, he must be able to harpoon all the operating modes of many organizations. 

What is the role of a project manager?

The Project Manager is the representative of the prime contractor. He is the person who manages the organization of a work or the management of a project from its beginning to its completion. As a Leader, he is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the work by setting very precise objectives with a well-established management strategy based on well-studied organization, tactics and methods. To do so, he selects a qualified team in each field for each task by supervising them with the aim of achieving a good turnover and increasing the customer portfolio of a company for a new future mission. If we can say it is the brain of a company project.

What are the qualities of a project manager?

The experienced project manager is the leader in his field. For a job to be executed to perfection, he or she must have a leadership ethic. He is required to follow a daily schedule in the execution of his duties and must be faithful to his work by being responsible for everything. A project manager pushes the members of his team to surpass his abilities in order to have the same vision as him. He must be perceptive to any obstacles and ready to manage the unexpected. A project manager must know how to manage priorities for each task and rule out unimportant issues that may influence the goals set. 



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