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Do you want your digital media to be more enjoyable, convenient and relevant to your users? Don't hesitate to entrust your project to a UX designer. He will match your product with the needs and motivations of your customers. UNE®, located in Geneva, recruits those who excel in this field. You are in French-speaking Switzerland? They take care of your graphic projects and significantly improve your clients' web browsing.

The UX designer is first and foremost an IT expert in the ergonomics of online media. He creates a site or an application from scratch. He can also redesign a part of a multimedia support. Some of them have a desktop specialization (on computer), while others work only on mobile.

Either way, their primary mission remains the same: to provide a customer experience that is both interactive and intuitive. To achieve this, this interface designer, who deciphers the behavior of Internet users, takes control of the artistic direction of the project. He first analyzes the essential stakes of the web or mobile support, before elaborating the typical user profile. He then creates a prototype, integrating the first graphic elements.

Then, he builds a mock-up. This draft is more similar to the general appearance of the finished product. It respects the predefined graphic charter and includes colors, fonts, tactile buttons, etc. The user is then asked to create a mock-up. Finally, he designs a mock-up of the project to which he makes changes, if necessary, before the final creation.

Such a web designer must therefore have an excellent command of graphic design software such as the Adobe suite (especially XD, Illustrator and Photoshop), as well as Sketch, Figma, etc. However, technical skills are not enough.

This job requires a strong creative spirit and a keen sense of observation and analysis. In addition, as this designer generally works with developers, product managers or graphic designers, he or she must be particularly fond of teamwork and have a great deal of interpersonal skills.

This expert often has a background in web design or web marketing. Then, he specializes in user experience. However, there is no such thing as a typical career path. Some come from a background in art direction. Others first study psychology and then turn to digital.

UX designers are currently in high demand in companies of all sizes, as they bring valuable added value to digital media. UNE® has the user search specialist in its catalog who will be able to assist you. Come and meet him soon!

What are the qualities of a good UX designer?

The qualities of a good UX designer are first of all his experiences in the field. We are talking about the mastery of Internet tools and graphic design software such as the Adobe suite and especially XD, Illustrator and Photoshop, or Sketch, Figma. Then, he must have a sense of adaptation in front of problems as well as an analytical mind to solve his problems. It is never easy to overcome difficulties so he must know how to work under pressure while being curious and proactive. Finally, a good UX designer must know how to work in a team, i.e. have a good sense of relationships, while knowing how to distinguish himself from his teammates, especially by proposing new ideas, innovations and improvements in the work.

Why recruit a UX designer?

A UX designer is one of the key positions in a company. His roles and qualities are irreplaceable. He ensures the company's relationship department thanks to his skills in the field. Any type of company has a direct and/or indirect relationship with other companies and especially with its customers and it is this relationship that the UX designer tries to maintain and improve in his work. He is the only one who knows how to develop an already existing service for this purpose or even to develop new services thanks to his many years of experience in the sector. Moreover, only a UX designer can give importance to the value of UX within a company.

What is the role of a UX designer?

A UX designer holds an important place in a company. Its objective is to develop the services relations in particular with Internet tools and software. The company's page is in relation with customers and also with other companies, it is there that a UX designer, he ensures all types of direct or indirect relationship with the company. He creates for this purpose a site or an application from scratch. He is also able to modify and even delete part of a multimedia support. They can be specialized either in Desktop, i.e. on a computer or on a cell phone. To complete their missions, their job is to carry out tests, identify and prioritize problems, support teams in the development of new ideas, and most importantly, to enhance the value of UX within the company.

What is the profile of a UX designer?

A UX designer works to ensure that the company's digital media are presentable, practical and user-friendly. He or she is an expert in his or her field, particularly in the field of online support ergonomics. A UX designer must be very experienced in the field. Indeed, a minimum of five years of experience is required to land the position. These experiences are proof of the validation of the mastery of various computer tools and also Web tools. Higher education is therefore negligible compared to years of experience. The latter are more fruitful because they provide experience and skills in direct relation to the professional world. Studies at higher education institutions provide the basic notions, while experience in other companies in a similar position provides the professional knowledge that the company expects from a UX designer.



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