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The increasing complexity of the web has led to the emergence of new professions in the digital world. UI designer is one of them. If you want to make your users want to come back to your web supports, then the best solution is to surround yourself with a user interface specialist. UNE® is a Geneva-based agency that sends you the best experts in communication. They will assist you in your multimedia project, wherever you are in French-speaking Switzerland.

Strictly speaking, the UI designer is in charge of creating a functional product interface. Indeed, today, the elaboration of any multimedia support must be as intuitive as possible, so that the user surfs with ease. Web design is a two-step process: The UX designer updates the needs and motivations of users by taking an interest in the behavior of Internet users. The UI integrator translates them into visually appealing graphic and textual elements. In this way, he highlights the essential components. He balances them in order to obtain a harmonious graphic design, while meeting the specifications initially conceived. User experience and interface design are two complementary and inseparable aspects of web design. The interface designer models the data from user research. He therefore excels in the control of interface ergonomics.

In his toolbox, he has a variety of software that allows him to put his ideas into practice as well as to share them with the front-end developer or the UX creator, for example. He also juggles with a multitude of graphic creation programs, photomontages or illustrations.

Obviously, this profession requires a considerable web and marketing culture. It requires creativity and undeniable graphic skills, but also a certain taste for innovation. It is for this reason that the UI designer sometimes occupies the position of art director. It is also necessary to know how to script interface prototypes and, consequently, to gain knowledge in web development. In addition to this technical know-how, this web designer must have flawless public speaking skills, as he or she works above all in a team.

As you will have understood, the UI designer has highly sought-after skills in the ever-changing digital world. UNE® is able to put you in collaboration with a talented professional who will be able to make proposals and enrich the design of your multimedia supports. Come and discover them!

What are the qualities of a good UI designer?

The qualities of a good UI designer are numerous because apart from his higher education diploma and his years of experience, there are other necessary criteria to complete it. First of all, he must master the various digital tools as well as Internet tools. This profession also requires a considerable marketing culture. Secondly, he must be at ease with relationships, that is to say, he must be able to integrate a team and adapt quickly. One speaks then about a flawless oratory capacity. Finally, thirdly, he must also have a strong analytical capacity which is very important for the creation of a new product and to have new ideas to propose for the improvement of the company's interface and this with good graphic skills. 

What is the role of a UI designer?

The main role of a UI designer in a company is to ensure the creation, modification and updating of the digital interface of the product or the company's brand. Thus, the company's products, brands and services do not go unnoticed by its customers. The creation and innovation of the digital interface is one of the ways for the company to attract more customers and this is ensured by a UI designer thanks to various software that allows him to put his ideas flat and share them with other developers to make them real. To fulfill his role, he works in the framing of the digital interface design project using a multitude of graphic creation programs, photomontages or illustrations while respecting the rules and constraints in his field of work. He also develops the modeling and prototyping of future web and mobile interfaces.

What is the profile of a UI designer?

The UI designer is in charge of creating a functional interface for a company's or a brand's product. His or her work focuses on graphic, textual and visual elements in order to make the interface attractive. It is necessary to have the right profile to work as a UI designer. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a higher education degree in art school, or in graphic design, but also a specialized master's degree. At least two years of experience in UI design is important. Indeed, he must master the tools adapted for the job, in particular wireframing and prototyping tools such as the Adobe suite: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Sketch. Apart from that, a good understanding of the principles of Web interface development is useful, such as: XHTML integration, AJAX, Web standard. 

Why recruit a UI designer?

A company must recruit a UI designer if it works in the digital world or if it has a connection with the digital world. Indeed, it is important to know that a company that does not have a website and that is not displayed on the networks does not need a UI designer. A digital company or a company related to the digital world must recruit a UI designer to highlight its digital interface. A UI designer is the best qualified to do this job and moreover this job is in perpetual evolution. Indeed, he has made higher courses while acquiring the necessary experience to master digital tools and web tools. He is forged to be able to ensure a good design representation of the company's digital interface. It is good to know that he can manage the position of an art director who is totally within his skills.



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