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As an entrepreneur, do you feel overwhelmed and need support to manage your products? The Product Manager, focused on your project, is responsible for your digital innovation from A to Z. In order to spare you the long and tedious recruitment phase, UNE® has surrounded itself with the best product owners. They will accompany you, whether your company is in Geneva, Lausanne or other cities in French-speaking Switzerland.

The Product Manager is responsible for the design, development and sale of the product. He is therefore the indispensable right-hand man for any company manager. At the same time, he works closely with the development team and the marketing team. This allows him to have an overview, which is indispensable for the realization of the multiple tasks he has to perform.

The product owner works hand in hand with all the players in the digital world, whether they are developers, designers or data analysts. One of his missions is to optimize production as much as possible. To do this, he must define a positioning strategy. He then explains it in a clear and relevant way to both the founder and the teams around him. Then, he establishes the project roadmap that serves as a guideline for all players.

Coordinating the various project partners is not his only role, however. On the lookout for possible bugs and customer feedback, this pillar of the company strives to remedy every problem related to the product, in order to obtain a result that is fully in line with user demand. Finally, it proposes improvements or new features, while monitoring the performance indicators of each project.

As you can see, the product owner is first and foremost a Swiss Army Knife who coordinates the product divisions.

This true conductor is above all a professional with excellent interpersonal skills combined with real synthesis and analysis capacities. Rigorous and structured in his mission, he also keeps abreast of the latest web development techniques.

This job is halfway between the world of digital and the world of marketing. It can be accessible after an engineering education and a commercial experience. On the other hand, a degree in Digital Management or Web Marketing is also an excellent option to succeed in this profession.

As you will have understood, the Product Manager is the collaborator par excellence that you can't do without! UNE® offers you the opportunity to meet quality professionals. They know how to assist and guide you so that your projects succeed. Come and discover them!

What are the qualities of a good Product Manager?

A Product Manager can handle a large number of requests and feedback. Therefore, in order not to get lost, he needs rigor and a strong sense of organization. 

Moreover, as technical as business, a Product Manager must above all demonstrate good leadership and communication skills in order to explain product improvements and innovations to the production teams. He or she must be a master of compromise, because not all users' problems can be solved. As an expert in the field, he is obliged to be decisive on the choices that will have a direct impact on the product.

What is the role of a Product Manager?

The Product Manager is the leader in the development of a digital product or service that requires regular updates such as an application, a website, a software. His role is to identify the problem, solve it, deliver the product and continue to improve it. The Product Manager is at the heart of the technical and business issues related to the product, as well as the needs of the end users. He or she must ensure the coordination of just-in-time projects. He is responsible for the strategic issues of the product, and is solely responsible for its success or failure.

What is the profile of a Product Manager?

To be eligible for the position of Product Manager, a 3-year specialization in digital marketing is necessary, for example through a Bachelor's degree in Digital Project Management. You will then have to integrate a Master Expert in Digital Strategies.

Although there is little training in product management, most of the profiles occupying this position also come from an engineering or management background. Courses in industrial engineering or production and process management are also valuable training for this position.

Why recruit a Product Manager?

A Product Manager is the key to success for an organization that wants to stand out in its field of activity. Indeed, the person occupying this position is constantly seeking to improve or create new products to increase the company's market share. He or she will act as a link between consumers and the product. This position aggregates and orders the various product returns in order to be able to propose coherent and relevant solutions to the problems detected.

The Product Manager's mission does not stop at the design or improvement of a product. The expert accompanies the product from its creation to its marketing. In other words, he defines the what, when, how and why of product development in order to propose the best improvements to a product and bring value to customers.



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