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Communication through images and audiovisuals is today the most relevant way to reach your prospects. You wish to be assisted in your video project? The motion designer is the most seasoned professional to design all types of animated content. UNE® is an employment agency located in Geneva. It has surrounded itself with passionate and talented motion designers who intervene at the request of entrepreneurs throughout the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Motion design is the art of creating all kinds of works in animation. They can be in 2 or 3D, integrated to a web page or an application. They are also used in advertising films or cinema, etc... In order to give life to a dynamic and persuasive message, this web craftsman mixes video with graphic creation or special effects. There are different types of motion design:

  1. Animated computer graphics convert unreadable data into clear pictograms or curves. The data thus translated becomes comprehensible, a source of relevant comparisons that are easy to work on.
  2. Flat Design animations are extremely effective in attracting and keeping the viewer's attention. They naturally transform simple shapes into two dimensions.
  3. As for the media mix, it integrates graphic and sound elements into a short film to make it more convincing and energetic.

Whatever his specialty, the motion designer generally works in the same way:

  1. He begins by the realization of a storyboard. According to the specifications predefined by his client, he lays all his ideas flat, imagines the appropriate graphic charter and then the illustrations. This roadmap serves as a guideline for the entire multidisciplinary team around him (art director, graphic designer, developer, etc.).
  2. Once the artistic sketch has been validated by the client, the motion designer then enters a phase of production, editing and finally encoding. The motion designer then develops the animated creations, incorporating special effects, soundtrack and appropriate typography if necessary.

To succeed in quality animations, this audiovisual craftsman is above all endowed with an imaginative power without measure. He also masters perfectly a whole set of software. For example, the Adobe suite, including After Effects, Premiere, but also Illustrator and Photoshop, are an integral part of his daily arsenal.

These skills are generally acquired after a minimum two-year university education. Nevertheless, many audio-visual lovers learn motion design on their own and their skills are recognized.

Many companies have understood the influence motion design can have on their business. What about you? Have you thought about it? Don't wait! UNE® has found for you the professional who knows animation and motion design and how to make your message impactful. All you have to do is entrust your project to him!

What are the qualities of a good motion designer?

There are many qualities required to practice this profession. Indeed, this professional has two caps. He is both creative and technical, but must also be effective in one area as well as the other. Concretely, it is a person with an artist's eye to carefully observe the world around him. He must, in this sense, be able to identify the future of a video. In addition, it is also a person who has a well-filled brain. In other words, a good general culture is important to succeed in this profession. Other important qualities are also part of the criteria of a good motion designer: a sense of rhythm and musical ear, a steady hand, some robotic circuits...

Why recruit a motion designer?

Motion design is a very popular concept to present a structure, a service, a product, an event... It is also used to explain the functionalities of a service or a product. This activity involves a team composed only of a motion designer and a project manager. Concretely, this expert is used to bring value to a company. A quality motion-design video makes it possible to stand out positively from the competition. The skills of this professional are also useful to hold the attention of the audience during a training, a presentation, a seminar among others. And finally, compared to the production of a video created by a multimedia team, a video produced in motion design saves time. 

What is the role of a motion designer?

This professional can now work in an agency or as a freelancer. In an agency, he or she is brought to collaborate with a creative team. This is generally composed of developers, project managers and a production manager. As a freelance, the motion designer frequently subcontracts for agencies. In all cases, the creative process remains pretty much the same. Among other things, a first meeting with the client makes it possible to vaguely define the project. During this phase, the expert imagines "mood boards" that will then allow him to present the general idea that will guide his animation. Once the client validates the project, he draws up a storyboard listing all the shots of the video. 

What is the profile of a motion designer?

Generally, companies prefer candidates with degrees from schools of applied arts or computer science with additional training in graphic design. For the BTS, this must be in Graphic Design option communication and print media or option communication and digital media. There is also a DMA in Graphic Arts option illustration, typography and web-design computer graphics. There is also the Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design which is generally offered by specialized schools, in visual communication, digital creation, graphic and multimedia design. Some companies are looking for candidates with advanced studies in the field.



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