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The Art Director, or AD is one of the creative professions that has taken off with the explosion of the web. He or she occupies a pivotal position in visual communication agencies by bridging the gap between the client's wishes on the messages to be conveyed to his or her target audience and the team of web designers, illustrators and graphic designers.

He is notably in charge of establishing the logo, the visual identity, the graphic charter of a brand: he translates the client's specifications and cross-references them with the recommendations of his design team. He intervenes in the creation and design of advertising or any form of visual communication of the client in order to guarantee the coherence of the brand image and the quality of the product supports.

This is a position with a strong artistic tendency. The profiles will therefore have followed a university course in the field of graphic design, applied arts, publishing or visual communication.

The profile will of course have a strong creative tendency that he will have to combine with teamwork skills and a good sense of communication (for customer relations and permanent links with his collaborators). He must be able to animate his artistic team and organize the work of the various people involved in the project: his leadership qualities must therefore be solid.

He will of course have to master computer tools as well as graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign.

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What are the qualities of a good artistic director?

The work of an art director involves great creativity and imagination. This professional must also be pragmatic in order to be able to propose original graphic charters adapted to the brand's expectations. The sense of intuition is also important to anticipate new artistic ideas. In addition, in order to understand a brand issue or to precisely define the stakes of its communication, this professional must know how to stand back to have a clear view. In addition to this, the ability to self-train in order to be up to date with the latest techniques and methods of communication. Also, for a better selection of creative ideas, a good critical sense is essential. 

Why recruit an artistic director?

An art director most often works for a communication or advertising agency... But he can also be found in a company where he usually works in the communication department, the marketing department or the design department. To know the usefulness of this professional, whether in an agency or in a company, one must consider the job as a preparatory work of graphic creation. Indeed, if the graphic creation translates into images the messages of a brand or an organization, the artistic direction foresees the way they will be conveyed. It is also very useful in determining the client's objectives and expectations. 

What is the role of an artistic director?

The artistic director has a creative role. Whether he works in the press, fashion, advertising or digital, this professional thinks about how to present a product or service entrusted to him. Concretely, his or her main mission is to determine the visual aspect, and in particular the mode of communication to adopt. It also consists in proposing concepts which will be, thereafter, exploited in media or non-media campaigns. Note that the role of an artistic director is governed by a roadmap. In this sense, he or she is responsible for everything a brand may want to express. He or she is committed to coordinating the work of graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and performers. 

What is the profile of an artistic director?

In communication professions, an artistic director or AD appoints the visual manager. This is a position rather dedicated to confirmed executives with 4 to 5 years of experience. However, a young graduate who has been noticed for his talent and creative projects and who has been able to develop his training has the chance to be directly hired. In any case, those who wish to do this job must have attended schools specializing in communication, advertising, multimedia and art. Graduates of business schools and short courses as well as the specialized master in communication can also do this activity. 



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