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Need to add a qualified WordPress developer to your project team?

While many candidates claim this title in the job market, few developers are talented or truly master the skill set required to earn this title. UNE® makes it easy for you to find that rare gem by offering you the benefit of its experience in recruiting experienced, high-caliber people.

WordPress provides by default all of the features needed to create a website. Beyond the simplified publication of a blog, historically at the origin of this CMS, complex websites are perfectly developable on the WordPress architecture. The infinite possibility to extend the basic system by writing plugins makes this CMS really popular. To develop a clean theme or extension, the WordPress developer must master HTML, CSS and PHP. He may need to build an e-commerce site using plugins such as WooCommerce or WP eCommerce, a blog or a site with advanced features, as well as a simple showcase site.

The WordPress developer needs to know the basics such as how to design a child theme, the intricacies of designing a particular theme and all the subtleties of creating an extension from scratch. The creation of themes and plugins requires an indispensable rigor to ensure the security of developments, as well as their evolution. He can work on a project leading him to extend the functionalities of the core as well as third party extensions, for example WooCommerce. WordPress is in constant evolution, so its entire ecosystem must evolve together.

The WordPress developer must therefore stay abreast of new developments and keep up with the latest developments, especially in terms of the programming language.

In terms of training, the WordPress developer may have followed a short computer science cycle or an adult education course in a multimedia school to obtain a web developer certificate, and acquire skills in PHP and HTML/CSS. The experience of the WordPress world is then learned through projects and the difficulties encountered during the creation of a site.

To find the rare bird, UNE® has a constantly growing portfolio of competent and motivated candidates. A safe and fast way to consult a careful selection of candidates that match your job offer.

What makes a good WordPress developer?

As with any project on the internet, a good WordPress developer has the knowledge to one day claim to create a website as a developer. He or she must know everything about WordPress, the proposed themes and the available plugins and extensions and updates. The WordPress community and the hundreds of WordPress-related sites hold no secrets for him, and he has a good command of HTML, CSS, and PHP. Curious and rigorous, he must be both a web designer and a developer. Thus, a good Wordpress developer must know how to start from a theme created by another to appropriate and customize it.

Why recruit a Wordpress Developer?

Of all the web platforms available, WordPress is one of the fastest and easiest tools available to create a functional website in minutes. Nowadays, many projects revolving around WordPress will see the light of day and many professional opportunities will emerge. So, if you want to create a website that generates revenue, you need to invest a little bit in its development to make it interactive and user-friendly. Creating this type of website requires a certified professional who has a lot of knowledge in the field and can provide positive results for you.

What is the role of a WordPress Developer?

WordPress provides by default all of the features needed to create a website. Beyond the simplified publication of a blog, historically at the origin of this CMS, complex websites are perfectly developable on the WordPress architecture. It is from the chosen theme that it has the mission to lead to put online a WordPress site as close as possible to the expectations and needs of the client. As part of the customization and optimization of the chosen theme, the WordPress developer will install the necessary extensions and plugins or will develop them if the situation requires it. The main mission of the WordPress developer would be to optimize the preferred theme, in particular by working at its display speed (compression of JS and CSS...).

What is the profile of a WordPress Developer?

When we talk about a WordPress developer, we're talking about someone who specializes in developing websites using WordPress, the most widely used CMS in the world today. He or she is usually responsible for back-end and front-end development, including the creation of WordPress themes and plugins. His goal is to develop custom web interfaces for his client. These can be intranet sites, websites, web applications or online tools. It meets a set of specifications developed by a project manager. WordPress developers have different programming skills such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. They also have an understanding of aesthetics.



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