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The Ruby developer's main mission is to create high-performance and fast websites, software or applications using the Ruby programming language. They generally use the Ruby on Rails framework, which provides a solid structure for both front-end and back-end development. He may know or master alternatives to RoR (Ruby on Rails) such as the Sinatra, Padrino, Hanami or NYNY frameworks. As a web developer, his technical background includes of course the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript or Agile methods, see other languages such as Java, Python or Scripting Shell.

The simplicity of use and the ease of learning this language do not make it a tool reserved for beginners. The power of this modern language, strongly object-oriented, is highly appreciated by developers with a confirmed experience.

The Ruby developer is an integral part of a project team, led by a web project manager, and composed of other developers. He or she can be a lead developer himself or herself and can coach back and front or full stack developers.

Practicing the job of Ruby on Rails developer requires a higher education in computer science, engineering school, in order to acquire an excellent base of languages and learning the many tools essential to the elite coder.

This development engineer is rather rare on the market, and you wonder about the best way to find the one who will join you soon? UNE® is there to make it easy for you and our network will help you recruit the profile that will fit your job offer perfectly.

What is the role of a Ruby developer?

What sets the Ruby developer apart from other developers is his or her preferred language: Ruby. This language, with its simple harpoonable syntax, is mostly easy for developers to use, but few people learn how to use it. However, many companies, such as Twitter, use it.

On a daily basis, the Ruby developer therefore uses this language in an open source framework: Ruby on rails most of the time. His goal is to develop web applications according to the specifications provided by the web project manager. But his missions are not limited to that: he is also present during the testing stages and it is not uncommon for him to have to fix bugs and other technical problems on the application he has created.

Why recruit a Ruby developer?

Like any software engineer, the Ruby developer has to understand, identify and evaluate the client's needs to offer specs that will meet the client's requirements and follow their budget. After this evaluation stage, it's time to move on to the development stage! This is the time when the Ruby developer will take care of the architecture of the application or site in order to develop its technical features. This is really where the Ruby developer's advanced skills take place.

Once solutions are developed, the Ruby developer must ensure that what he or she has created is functional and must train the client in the use of the application or site in question.

What are the qualities of a Ruby developer?

Ruby developers don't bivouac at the web, but use the Ruby language to develop games or web, mobile applications. This shows a certain versatility in the developer's job. Ruby developers must have a strong knowledge of programming, but they must also be fast and autonomous. When one of the customers faces a problem, the Ruby developer is obliged to provide a solution very quickly. In addition, the Ruby programming language is constantly evolving, so the ability to self-train must be added to this. Like any self-respecting developer (and who has the ability to do so!), the Ruby professional must stay abreast of the latest advances in terms of applications, technologies, and technical innovations.

What is the profile of a Ruby developer?

The Ruby developer's job requires 2 to 5 years of university training in web programming to provide a good base of programming languages and then to train oneself in Ruby with online tutorials. 

You should also know that the Ruby community is active on the Internet: you will have no problem finding help if you encounter problems coding in Ruby.

Even though learning the language has become very popular (especially through its very active community), Ruby developer profiles are quite rare. In fact, most of them are enthusiastic self-taught people who learn the language out of curiosity. It remains less learned in web schools or engineering schools than the languages Java, C, C++, or PHP.



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