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The PHP programming language is still widely used in the web development industry. The PHP developer is a specialist in object-oriented programming and is in charge of developing dynamic websites in PHP. Depending on the project, he can develop without a framework, with an open source framework such as Symfony or Zend, or with a proprietary framework. He can also work on projects based on CMS such as WordPress or Drupal, developed in PHP, and be in charge of the realization of plugins or modules.

Working under the aegis of the web project manager, he has to be able to make proposals on the technical solution, respect the specifications, be flexible in his relations with the designers while showing a great rigor in the generation of a clean and scalable code. Following the deployment, he knows how to intervene in application and corrective maintenance, and to facilitate this task, will have taken care to document his code well.

Ultra sharp in PHP, the knowledge of a framework is nowadays essential to work in project mode, and to build durable and scalable solutions. It is of course useful to know HTML, MySQL or Oracle databases as well as JavaScript and especially Ajax to manage interactions.

Coming from higher education in computer science, the PHP developer has generally followed a course in University, engineering school or computer science school to acquire strong skills in the development of Web/PHP applications respecting the MVC architecture.

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What is the role of a PHP developer?

The role of the PHP developer is to design dynamic websites with the PHP programming language. He can use it with proprietary framework, without framework, or with open source framework (Zend, Symfony...). The PHP developer must work with the project manager who communicates the specifications constituting the expectations, needs, and requests of the customers on which he will have to be inspired to offer adjusted solutions and implement them on the website he will develop. His role is not limited to this as he must also ensure the follow-up of the sites throughout their life in order to be able to intervene and manage updates and possible bugs.

Why recruit a PHP developer?

The PHP developer, thanks to his skills and computer technique, corresponds to the requests of his customers by developing and programming dynamic websites while relying on the specifications made by the project manager. 

The PHP developer creates functionalities of a website by interpreting the requests of the customers. He implements technical options to create custom websites. In fact, he analyzes the client's needs before developing technical options. Then, he adjusts his solutions to develop the particular functionalities of the website. Finally, he performs a test of his site before proposing all the functionality to his client.

What are the qualities of a PHP developer?

A PHP developer who does not have the mastery of PHP, simply does not exist! It is the very basis of his job. Of course, mastering other programming languages such as HTML and CSS, operational tools such as CMS as well as frameworks such as Symfony 2, 2.8, 3, Zend Framework, Laravel, Code Igniter is also advised to succeed in fulfilling his missions.

In addition to technical skills, the PHP developer must also have human qualities such as adaptability, rigor, respect of deadlines, be able to self-train, know how to work under pressure and above all a pronounced taste for teamwork.

What is the profile of a PHP developer?

The PHP developer generally requires a minimum of a degree in computer science and can go up to Master II. The most well known training courses are the Professional Bachelor's Degree, the Engineering School, the Communication Networks Specialization, the Master's Degree in Web Design, and the Schools Specialized in Computer Science, etc.

Many PHP developers are self-taught, and it is possible to dig into the profession without having to do specialized studies. However, this is quite unusual and requires a strong experience and excellent references.

With the experience and skills acquired over the years, a PHP developer can evolve and become for example an IT Project Manager, a Webmaster or a Web Technical Project Manager.



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