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You wish to recruit a JavaScript developer to enrich your team of developers with a new JavaScript expert?

With a great experience in the search for web development talent, UNE® provides you with its network of experienced or junior candidates, depending on your needs, so that you can select the digital profile that best suits your job offer.

The mission of the JavaScript developer is to design applications and websites. If he is mainly a front office web developer, he can become a full stack developer on some workstations.

He owns by heart the JavaScript development technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3, Canvas, WebGL, jQuery and Ajax) and some frameworks or libraries such as Dojo, Angularjs, Vuejs, Ember.js, Node.js, React.JS and does not make round eyes when we talk to him about MVC model. A sensitivity to UX and web products, an experience with API Rest or GraphQL for example, are not to be neglected in a profile like his, as well as to know some testing and continuous integration tools (Git, Jenkins, ...).

With a computer science background, he was able to complete his education up to a Master's degree in engineering school or university. However, to become a real JavaScript expert, only experience in the field counts. To apply for JS developer job offers, certain qualities are really essential, in addition to purely technical skills. Endowed with a strong spirit of initiative, he shows rigor and autonomy, and his pragmatism does not hinder his creativity, nor his open-mindedness. Let's not forget that he is characterized by a taste for challenge and a love of keeping a watchful eye on his technology and the digital world in general.

Finding the rare pearl takes time, and time, you don't have much time already, do you? By becoming a partner of UNE®, you relieve yourself of the time-consuming task of selecting suitable profiles and benefit from our portfolio of ad hoc candidates.

Why recruit a JavaScript developer?

The JavaScript developer is the person qualified to be responsible for the implementation of the Front-End logic. It is he who determines the behavior of the visual elements of a web application. He was also concerned with the development of the software parts related to the Back-End that were running on the server side.

He works closely with other developers specialized in interface design. And this led him to be organized and methodical to deal with many situations. Indeed, a JavaScript developer is an indispensable professional for any company. He contributes to its evolution and development. 

What is the profile of a JavaScript developer?

The short courses give access to the JavaScript developer to obtain a good computer culture and especially a good mastery of the JavaScript language. In this category, we can find the training courses for software developers or computer science.

In order to enrich the skills, these trainings are generally supplemented by one year of professional license in order to acquire a specialization in a specific field. Engineering schools or masters in computer science provide a strong qualification in the field by obtaining relevant professional certifications and allow to harpoon the constraints related to the developer's job. In order to keep his skill levels up to date, he must keep up to date with technological developments in his profession.

What are the qualities of a JavaScript developer?

As a JavaScript developer, he must master above all the JavaScript language, AJAX as well as frameworks such as AngularJS, jQuery, JSON etc.. The JavaScript Developer must show precision and rigor in writing his code, as well as a certain creative spirit. 

In addition to technical competence, he must also be interested and curious about technological advances in his profession to keep his technical assets up to date. The majority of the development teams currently progressing in a collaborative framework, the JavaScript Developer must also have the ability to listen, the sense of relationship and team spirit. For this job, English is also fundamental.

What is the role of a JavaScript developer?

First of all, a JavaScript developer is not a Java developer. Confusion is usually caused by their identical names, but they are two very distinct programming languages.

In addition, the UX/UI designer and the Front-End developer should not be confused either. In fact, the role of the JavaScript developer is to ensure the technical feasibility of the UX/UI designs presented by the designer. 

His or her main tasks therefore revolve around the maintenance of existing code and the programming of new features or applications. Subsequently, he is also involved in analyzing customer needs, designing the software architecture, testing and debugging applications.



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