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If you wish to involve a Java developer within your team, for short or long term missions, UNE® can provide you with its services.

Thanks to its pool of adapted profiles, UNE® is a trusted partner, which will put you in touch with competent and qualified professionals, able to meet your expectations.

The Java developer is a specialist in programming with Java as his preferred language. This language allows him to create an object, a system or to develop an application. The Java developer is therefore a specialist in technologies related to the J2EE Java application development platforms and all its modules. He knows the different versions and their updates, he has the skills to do research to create from A to Z a computer program in Java language. 

Like every developer, the Java language specialist is a computer technician who adapts to the needs of his client to carry out a specific programming project. He is able to adapt to the request made to him, to design the software and computer programs requested. The Java developer is an expert in his or her field: he or she strives to carry out the various tests throughout the work process that will enable him or her to achieve the desired result. 

The Java developer usually has two years of studies in his field behind him and has been able to accumulate professional experience afterwards. He or she demonstrates writing skills, flexibility and rigor in his or her work. Able to discuss with the other members of his team to move in a common direction, he is also very organized and detail-oriented.

When recruiting a Java developer, UNE® can make it easy for you by providing you with the profiles of Java specialists best suited to what you are looking for. 

Why recruit a Java developer?

Because of his specialization, which is in high demand and still rare on the market, a JAVA developer is a versatile professional. He manages several missions in his profession and is in close collaboration with other web professionals. It is for this reason that he must have the qualities of rigor and organization in order to carry out his functions successfully. 

In addition, he is also led to discuss and exchange with his client issuing the specifications, which implies a sense of listening and adaptability. In his job, the main employers of Java developers are currently medium-sized digital service companies, but he can also work on his own account or on behalf of an agency. 

What is the profile of a Java developer?

Specializing in the Java language requires a strong technical knowledge, often accompanied by a degree in software engineering, computer science, computer science and telecommunications. Thus, for a JAVA developer, it is strongly advised to follow a course in an engineering school, even if it is not oriented towards computer science.

Training in applied mathematics, applied computer science, mechatronics or electronic engineering, robotics can also represent a bridge to the job of Java developer.

At the human level, a Java developer must have the curiosity to learn new subjects, which he feeds with a great deal of content completion in order to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field.

In his spare time, he has to constantly upgrade his skills to stay up to date with the latest Tech Java trends.

What are the qualities of a Java developer?

A Java developer must have a perfect command of the Java language. Knowledge of other programming languages and knowledge of database processes are also essential. As programming languages are constantly evolving, the developer will have to be curious and keep up to date with the latest trends.

In addition to these necessary skills, the position requires mastery of the J2EE platform (also called Java EE, for Java Enterprise Edition), understanding a database (SQL, ORACLE) and knowing how to use it, or knowing the world of the SSII (computer engineering services company) its market, its customers, as well as its services.

What is the role of a Java developer?

The Java developer is a Computer Technician in Java language. His/her role is to analyze very distinctly the needs of his/her client according to the specifications, to create a computer application software that matches point by point the functional and technical needs of the specifications and then to write in Java language partially or totally the computer program. 

 The computerization of the tools and means of private and public services as well as companies, has led to the growth in the number of computer developers, true professional experts in numerous computer languages. The Java developer is a tailor-made creator of computer programs in Java language as well as their user manuals.



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