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You want to recruit a full-stack developer to boost your team or to avoid hiring several developers?

UNE® offers you its twenty years of expertise in the digital and communication professions to help you in your recruitment. We present you with a qualitative panel of candidates with the right profiles selected by our own digital experts.

The full-stack developer is a generalist developer, working on both the front-end and back-end. A full-stack developer, his mastery of various languages and technologies allows him to be at ease on the whole development chain of a website, a web application or a software. His missions are therefore by essence really diversified, depending on the needs of the moment or the projects. Front, back, but also architecture, UX, HTML integration...

The full-stack developer must therefore master several technologies, HTML, CSS, the JavaScript universe including at least one framework (Angular, Vue.JS, React...), PHP, APIs, know UX/UI, Git... The training of the full-stack developer goes through a Master's degree or a Bachelor's degree in computer science in order to master the basics. Graduated from University, engineering or computer science school to expand his knowledge. Note that self-taught profiles are legion in this profession.

Reactive, adaptable, loves teamwork and helping others. He collaborates with other developers (full stack, front or back), integrators, a Scrum Master, a Product Manager... and can be himself lead developer and coach a team of specialists. Familiar with the entire technical stack, he has the skills to facilitate the job of his collaborators. It is essential for him to keep up with the latest technological developments in order to remain at the cutting edge.

How do you find this competent full-stack developer throughout the development chain? Depending on whether you are looking for a developer 80% back 20% front or vice versa, the profiles to be scrutinized are not the same. UNE® helps you make the right choice by offering you a panel of Swiss or European talent candidates with CVs that match your needs.

Why recruit a full-stack developer?

Always up to date with the latest trends in IT techniques, the full-stack developer must be very responsive. On a daily basis, this professional faces various situations coming from his customers. The full-stack developer is therefore a very sociable person.

In addition, he works in close collaboration with several IT contributors, such as the project manager, technical manager and web designers. Thus, he ensures several missions. That's why he has to be organized and meticulous in his field. As a professional, he is not only competent in computer science, he also has an excellent level of English, because it is the most used language in terms of coding.

What is the profile of a full-stack developer?

In general, the full-stack developer must have a degree from an engineering school, a master's degree in computer science. Numerous training courses are therefore possible. 

As for a classic developer, the full-stack developer can go towards a university degree in computer science. If he wishes, he can continue his career with a professional bachelor's degree specialized in the fields of computer science.

There are then more specific masters (development engineering, programs and applications on mobile platforms, creation of information systems ...). After a bachelor's degree, he can also take the competitive examination of engineering schools and follow a specialization.

What are the qualities of a full-stack developer?

The full-stack developer is first and foremost a computer enthusiast. The full-stack developer has many technical skills, for example in Java (JEE, JDK 8, Spring, Hibernate) and web technologies (JS, , BootStrap, Angular, Web Services REST).

In addition, he is used to agile development techniques such as Scrum. Finally, at the human level, must know how to collaborate in a team, as he often works with other site technicians such as graphic designers. He is an adaptable, versatile, creative professional with some leadership. It's also a job that suits people who like to learn on a regular basis, since technological advances are constantly being made.

What is the role of a full-stack developer?

The full-stack developer is the promoter of the sites. He must be gifted in all areas. Comfortable with both websites and smartphone applications, he masters the design of a program and ensures its maintenance. In addition, he takes charge of the company's specifications on web development needs. He also ensures the design of the development and architecture of front and back end web sites. He will then perform the test and integrate the content of the web options. And finally, he optimizes the user experience (collection and understanding of ergonomic needs).



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