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To bring the technical and specific skills of a C Developer into your company, UNE® will put you in touch with competent and qualified people, deploying a range of diverse and relevant profiles to make your job easier.

The C Developer is a computer engineer specialized in programming many computer software. He acts autonomously but also as part of a team to meet his client's expectations. He takes care of the pure design of the product he is in charge of, from the preliminary development phase to the last quality tests before its launch and official use. 

Within a company or a group, the C Developer creates and develops all kinds of computer programs and applications. They know how to write technical support documents, make effective choices to adapt to the precise request made to them by the customer, and solve any functional problems they encounter during development. His intervention in a project is then done in three stages: he analyzes, programs and develops, and then tests his software.

A C and C sharp (C#) developer has several years of specialized studies in his field and has a solid experience in the C language. He also masters several other tools related to the computer world, such as the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and has sufficient knowledge of the learning game and database sectors. The C developer is therefore a true specialist, competent and qualified, with several strings to his bow. He is able to integrate himself into a team by bringing his skills, his seriousness and his listening skills to bring a project to a successful conclusion. 

If you wish to be put in touch with a carefully selected sample of C developers, UNE® will be at your service to help you in your recruitment, so that you can find the profiles best suited to your needs and your mission. 

What are the qualities of a C developer?

Even if the software packages are dedicated to accelerate and simplify the C developer's task, the C developer's job is far from being easy. Above all, he must master the C programming languages and be rigorous and precise in writing his code.

In addition, they must be highly adaptable and have a great sense of analysis. He must then know how to manage and solve problems with logic and method.

Working with many interlocutors, he must be able to show a good listening capacity and a sense of pedagogy. Knowledge of English must also be part of his qualities. 

What is the profile of a C developer?

The minimum education for the developer C is a specialized university degree. However, longer courses of 3 years, Bachelor's level, or even 4 or 5 years, Master 1 or Master 2, are a plus.

In addition, this professional must also update his knowledge by following specific training courses and by acquiring professional certifications relevant to his profession.

This enables him to consolidate his expertise in related fields and to move towards a more technical position. Indeed, with the expertise of many years of experience, he can thus move on to the positions of technical manager and IT project manager, who take care of the work supervision of the developers.

What is the role of a C Developer?

The C Developer is a professional who is in charge of programming in C computer languages within a company. Downstream, he intervenes in the creation phase, he continues his mission until the tests approving the relevance and the quality of the realized programs. He is thus the guarantor of the concrete version of the needs requested by the customer.

In order to identify customer expectations and user needs, he generally relies on a set of specifications. In fact, this is essential for him to be able to guarantee the quality and relevance of his work. 

Why recruit a C Developer?

Because of the inescapable property of their preferred language, C developers can work within very different structures. For example, in computer engineering services companies (SSII, especially generalists), in software firms, in large companies with a large IT department, in banks or financial institutions, etc. He can even work on his own account, on a freelance basis. 

Thus, this professional has skills that are highly sought after by companies. In addition, he brings value in his job. And finally, he contributes to the expansion of the client portfolio and the company's turnover.



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