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Your team needs an Android developer, and you obviously don't want to get the wrong candidate?

UNE® and its business knowledge allow you to surely recruit this mobile developer. We present you, whether your missions are temporary or permanent, whether you are looking for a senior or junior Android developer, serious profiles that best meet your search criteria.

An Android developer only codes applications for tablets and smartphones running Google's Android operating system. From the analysis of customer specifications to application and corrective maintenance, this specialist develops the application in harmony with mobile rules, tests it and submits it to Google Play. He knows how to optimize application performance to the maximum and adapt to security standards, apply Design Patterns to ensure their stability and respect the recommendations of the Material Design. 

Like any mobile developer, the Android developer knows first and foremost the rules and constraints of the mobile web. Characterized by a strong appetence for development on the Google operating system, he masters the Java language and the Android SDK, as well as Eclipse, Android Studio, and JDK. Knowing C / C++ and the Native Development Kit is not a luxury to handle native code as one pleases. 

Guided by the mobile web project manager, the Android developer possesses, in addition to these advanced skills, human qualities that allow him to work in a team with designers and content managers. In addition, he leads a permanent technology watch around the Android OS, which is constantly evolving. Holder of a higher degree from a school of computer science, engineering or university, he acquired his knowledge by following specific mobile development modules.

Finding an Android developer with a broad field of skills and serious experience is not easy. By choosing UNE® as your partner in your search for candidates, you will find the seasoned professional or the freshly graduated who will join your staff, thanks to our selection of Swiss and European profiles.

What is the profile of an Android Developer?

An Android developer only codes applications for tablets and smartphones with a Google Android operating system. The profile of an Android Developer is formed by five years of higher education or higher training in a school or training center or in a university, i.e. 5 years in mobile application development. Other companies accept candidates with similar training. One or more experiences in the field are also necessary to complete the profile. As a professional in the field, the Android developer must have an impeccable mastery of applications and application software for Android devices and this appears on his profile. 

What is the role of an Android Developer?

The Android Developer and the iOS Developer have the same role but they differ on the operating system of the applications they develop. Google creates applications for all Android OS subsystem devices and it is the Android Developer who works to develop its applications. It also ensures the coding of its applications. Respecting mobile rules and security standards, it analyzes the customer's specifications up to their application and corrective maintenance. To help him complete his missions, he works with co-workers with whom he can rely on to ensure that objectives are met. The stability of the Design Patterns application is ensured thanks to the stability as well as the respect of the recommendations of the Material Design.

What are the qualities of a good Android developer?

A good Android developer must have the following qualities : First of all have a team spirit because we must never forget that in this work environment, teamwork is very advantageous especially to succeed in achieving goals. He is guided by the mobile web project manager and works in collaboration with designers and content managers. He must be curious, dynamic and passionate about his work. These three qualities are the pillar of the birth of new ideas and especially to update himself regularly. He brings a lot of interest in the world of operating Google, programming language skills including Java and the Android SDK, as well as Eclipse, Android Studio, JDK. There is also the knowledge of native code handling for C/C++ and Native Development. It also conducts a permanent technology watch around the Android OS. The mastery of its applications and systems is the asset of a good Android Developer, especially the rules and constraints of the mobile web.

Why recruit an Android Developer?

Having an Android developer is an asset for the company. A Developer makes sure that the company's product lines and services are always highlighted on the Web in front of the products offered by their competitor. He gives a lot of importance to his work by devoting a lot of time to make analyses that will give him enough information to improve an application, develop it or even change it. According to his background, he is the only one who has a good command of the application systems of Android devices. It is therefore more profitable to invest in recruiting an Android Developer for a company. They are highly sought after because of their skills.



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