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Do you need a data scientist capable of "making the data talk" about your company to better meet its functional and strategic challenges?

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In addition to selecting and analyzing the most relevant data in terms of the production, sales and customer data cycle, the data scientist's mission is to model them in a way that is intelligible to all the company's employees.

The data scientist is also in charge of building algorithms and predictive models to anticipate the evolution of trends related to your activity, including machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This still recent function, sometimes called "data miner", requires an excellent level of computer science and marketing analysis, with the best profiles having followed a higher education in engineering school or having obtained masters or even doctorate degrees in mathematics, computer science, statistics or data modeling.

Ideally, a data scientist will have several years of experience as a data analyst or in an environment with large data structures (big data). In terms of skills, a good data scientist should have a solid mastery of machine learning algorithms, data management tools (SAS, Python, Access, etc.) and web statistics analysis (Omniture, Google Analytics, etc.) as well as databases (SQL, NoSQL, Cassandra, etc.).

In addition to an excellent command of English and a solid knowledge of marketing, the best candidates will demonstrate good listening and communication skills as well as an innate business sense in order to detect market opportunities representing future growth levers for the company.

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What is the profile of a Data Scientist?

Since the evolution of the digital world, companies are collecting data that accumulates around the world every day. These companies collect and store it. The Data Scientist or Data Miner makes his data intelligible to all employees of the company. He is one of the Big Data experts. He has a well experienced professional profile. Indeed, he has the best profiles having followed a higher education in engineering school or having graduated from masters or even PhDs in statistics, applied mathematics, computer science, data modeling or econometrics and ideally a first professional experience of several years in Data Science, Data Analyst, or in an environment in contact with large data structures (Big Data). In addition, he also has a good knowledge of and a strong interest in statistics, data analysis and especially the English language. 

What is the role of a Data Scientist?

The Data Scientist's mission is to model the most relevant data that has been selected and analyzed in terms of production cycle, sales and customer data. Firstly, it ensures the processing and development of activities within the company by providing advice, services and assistance to the network. To this end, it is responsible for the analysis and exploitation of data. Then, he works in collaboration with the group's IT teams and the various players involved, which include the Risk Department, the Sales Department and the Flow Department. He then participates in meetings. Finally, he is required to work on and process massive databases in Python. He or she is responsible for quantitative analysis, the creation of reports and dashboards, the detection of fraud patterns, performance evaluation and the optimization of fraud detection rules within the company, particularly the relevance and impact on customers.

What are the qualities of a good Data Scientist?

A good Data Scientist has several qualities. He or she is proficient in Data Science software and Data Management tools such as Python, R, Business Object, SAS and possibly Access. He also masters web statistical analysis such as Omniture and Google Analytics. He also has a certain flawless mastery of databases including SQL, NoSQL and Cassandra. He has an appetite for numbers analysis and investigation. The Data Scientist knows how to be precise. He has a quality of perseverance, rigor and relational ease. He likes to work in a team and to communicate. He is curious, motivated, autonomous and knows how to show initiative and reactivity. He is in charge of building algorithms and predictive models to anticipate the evolution of trends related to his activities, including "maching learning" which means automatic learning and artificial intelligence. He has an excellent level in computer science, marketing analysis and a solid knowledge of marketing.

Why recruit a Data Scientist?

A Data Scientist is able to detect market opportunities representing future growth levers for the company. A company that invests in the recruitment of a Data Scientist is a company that plans to grow in order to reach and achieve short and long term objectives. A Data Scientist is a versatile expert in the world of Big Data. He ensures the future of the company thanks to these various qualities. He or she also helps the company to avoid data piracy and data leakage and to secure its data so that it does not leave the company.



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