Do you want to strengthen your communication sector by hiring a copywriter?

UNE®, a specialist in digital communication and recruitment for 20 years, can help you find the web copywriter you are looking for. A large panel of candidates, who have been vetted, is waiting for you.

"Content is king, so copywriting is queen". Writing web content is an art because the copywriter must reach specific targets. A copywriter's mission is to conceive a text, a letter, a catchphrase, an advertising slogan, to write marketing files, press releases, a web page. He must choose the right words and formatting in order to convey an idea, a message, in the most relevant and persuasive way. 

To do so, the copywriter must have excellent writing and spelling skills, know advertising techniques, master office software, and have a good general culture. They must also be able to handle emergency situations, meet sometimes very tight deadlines, and accept criticism. A copywriter who is at ease in his time, is aware of the trends of the day and knows how to adapt to them in order to be a writer with the times.

He or she must show imagination, creativity and originality to write an advertisement or other exciting and dynamic text. A spirit of analysis and synthesis coupled with an excellent sense of formulation are essential. Don't become a copywriter who wants to: it is essential to be trained in web content writing in order to master the subtleties of web page writing and all aspects of the profession. If many training courses exist on the web, validating one's professional skills with a diploma is possible via a professional license referencing and web editor, or a Bacjelor in communication and digital technology. 

Difficult to find the copywriter who will write striking texts perfectly in line with your editorial line? If you're wondering how to do it, Agence UNE® provides you with the answer by selecting suitable and motivated Swiss or European profiles for you, among whom you will find the communication ace who will boost your creativity.

What is the profile of a copywriter?

Becoming a copywriter does not necessarily require specific training. However, a university education in a business, communication and marketing school can enhance your CV. Of course, a background in journalism, literature or social sciences can also work in your favor. Note also that writing can also be learned on the job. The proof: many copywriters are self-taught. Moreover, recruiters often choose profiles that master computer languages, including HTML, and content management systems (CMS). A perfect mastery of image editing software is also highly sought after.

What is the role of a copywriter?

Also known as a copywriter, the copywriter is a commercially oriented web editor. Its contents have a promotional purpose. This fine connoisseur of words has as main mission to write writings highlighting a brand, a product or simply a company. His objective is to promote sales and at the same time the company's turnover. He or she will also ensure the company's visibility on the net and the referencing of its articles. In addition to writing slogans, the copywriter can also write sales pages for a website, blog posts, advertising banners and newsletters.

What are the qualities of a good copywriter?

In order to create strong and attractive messages, the writer needs to be very concise. He must be able to assimilate his subject and the product to implement a strategy that meets the values of the company, while capturing the attention of the public. His texts must make the reader want to read them. And in this sense, great creativity is highly sought-after in this professional. This will allow him to always renew himself, both in his content and his writing style. It goes without saying that a good copywriter must master the French language with finesse. It is also imperative that he knows how to express his ideas. A very broad general culture can also be a great asset in the pursuit of one's mission.

Why recruit a copywriter?

If you don't have the time to devote to writing your slogans and website content, the use of a copywriter seems more than obvious. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to devote your time to your main function. With his reusable commercial writings, he can help you make your communication profitable, increase your notoriety and boost your turnover. Every euro you put into copywriting can earn you more than your initial investment. But then again, going through this professional ensures you a lasting investment. It never loses value. Always keep in mind that the written word remains.



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