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A Chief Product Officer (or CPO) is a specialist in a company's product strategy. He or she supports the structure that employs him or her to improve performance and generate profits. His or her main mission is to develop and then optimize the value of a product by analyzing the needs of its customers, while working closely with the Product Manager, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and the Chief Operating Officer (COO). He develops optimized and adapted solutions, supervises a team and seeks to improve the quality of the product under his responsibility.  

A Chief Product Officer contributes to the overall development and innovation of a company. He implements strategies that will enable him to achieve his performance objectives. He or she coordinates actions in line with the customer offering and works towards the deployment of a product. Efficient and organized, the Chief Product Officer knows how to act as a team and maximize the skills of the members he works with, in order to fulfill his mission.

He masters digital marketing tools, databases, has a good knowledge of technical software and is able to set up a specific methodology, adapted to the needs of the company. 

The CPO generally has a solid university education related to marketing, management and technology. He or she then trained in the web domain and acquired experience in project management. 

To call upon the services of a Chief Product Officer, UNE® opens its directory of specialists and selects the relevant profiles for you. 

What is the profile of a Chief Product Officer?

A Chief Product Officer or CPO is usually a graduate of a major business or engineering school. He or she holds a five-year degree in marketing or management. To be a Chief Product Officer, you need business knowledge and at least 5 years of significant experience in product management as a Product Manager. 

A CPO is the highest product representative in a company. Thus, after a few years and with convincing results, he can evolve to a position of higher responsibilities such as General Manager.

What is the role of a Chief Product Officer?

The Chief Product Officer or CPO is a key position for the economic growth of a company. He is the first person in charge of the Product Department. He is therefore responsible for the definition and organization of the entire product strategy, from the product vision through its design, development, marketing and even distribution, manufacturing and evolution. Thus, a CPO must ensure that the Product meets the needs of the customers. However, all its actions must refer to the business strategy of the company.

A Chief Product Officer also has the role of managing and consolidating the product team, in particular to increase its competence.

What are the qualities of a good Chief Product Officer?

A good Chief Product Officer has a strong knowledge of his sector. He keeps abreast of all the latest innovations and developments in his field through competitive intelligence. He also has a good knowledge of the business challenges of a product and his company.

A Chief Product Officer has a great capacity for conviction and a keen sense of relationships. He is endowed with an analytical, managerial and pedagogical mind, with knowledge of agile methods.

A CPO must be autonomous, rigorous and organized. Delegating part of his work to focus on the details is child's play for him. He is able to anticipate, to show perseverance and reactivity. Passionate about his product, he knows how to meet the requirements of his customers.

Why recruit a Chief Product Officer?

The Chief Product Officer is first and foremost a member of the Management Committee of the company where he works. He contributes to the challenges and the business strategy.

His first mission is to represent the company's Product and the strategy that goes with it, and to contribute to its innovation. In addition, he ensures the increase of customer satisfaction by defining their expectations and setting strategic objectives with a minimum horizon of three years, for example.

In addition, a Chief Product Officer maintains relations with the company's other subsidiaries and external partners. He or she is in charge of managing partnerships, acquisitions or negotiations with third parties.



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