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If you need a mobile project manager within your team, the UNE® Group can help you find what you are looking for by selecting the right profiles for you and putting you in touch with the most qualified people.

The mobile project manager is specialized in the design of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets (iPhone, IOS, Android...). He leads a team of programmers and orchestrates their development work to achieve a precise result. His role is to ensure the proper development of the digital project he is in charge of, to respect the budget, the requirements of his clients and the deadlines that have been set. The mobile project manager's experience also allows him to manage problems that his team members might not be able to solve. 

A mobile project manager masters the digital and IT world and builds teams. He defines schedules, writes specifications and his job is to ensure the link between his customers and his team of developers: from the design to the realization of an application. He relies on recent studies to develop products adapted to the needs of future users and actively monitors the competition in his field. 

A mobile project manager is therefore a specialized and experienced technician. His/her profile is highly sought-after in today's companies because the applications market is still booming. He often has a level of study equivalent to a master's degree and several years of experience. He is used to managing projects in their entirety, to implement web and digital strategies to use his knowledge and skills in development and responsive web design (RWD). 

UNE® will therefore be your privileged partner if you are looking to recruit a mobile project manager, by opening its directory of profiles adapted to your request. 

What is the profile of a mobile project manager?

To be a mobile project manager, you must have the right profile, i.e. specialization in the design of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets: iPhone, IOS, Android terminals. Initially, he or she must have completed a two-year training course in either marketing, sales or communication. Then, a solid Internet culture and/or Internet project design in a marketing perspective completes his years of higher education. Finally, an experience of at least one year is necessary, especially in e-commerce, comparator, search engine and directory, especially notions in e-marketing techniques which is part of the basis of this job on the Web, multimedia and social networks. 

What is the role of a mobile project manager?

His role is to ensure a good development of the digital project that he leads with respect to the budget, the customer's requirements and the deadline. Therefore, he is a Web coordinator responsible for the development and progress of a project in a company. He makes analyses of the sector in order to position an offer in particular for the elaboration of a strategy. He holds important schedules in order to set up a good work organization. Thus, he organizes the stages of validation of the projects since its creation until its availability to the customers. He therefore works on the resources necessary for the development of the project. He ensures that the teams he works with achieve their work objectives. To achieve these, he must organize and lead his group well.

What are the qualities of a good Mobile Project Manager?

A good Mobile Project Manager is a specialized and experienced technician. He is both informed and dynamic. He has a lot of work to do as a mobile project manager and this requires him to be well organized so that he doesn't forget anything and is better able to find himself in his tasks. He keeps up to date with the evolution of his sector of activity and this allows him to be one step ahead. He therefore knows how to apprehend in advance the needs of the customers. He is open-minded, i.e. he has the sense of analysis in order to have many points of view with new visions. These will bring innovations and even new ideas for the design or improvement of a project. He also has a good ability to work in a team while being professionally conscious in what he undertakes. It is therefore essential to master the various mobile applications in order to develop them according to customer demands.

Why recruit a mobile project manager?

A mobile project manager has his own place in any type of company. This company must have a broad vision for the development of its activities, especially for projects that keep its products, brands and services alive. The mobile project manager is therefore one of the most sought-after and sought-after characters today because the application market is in full evolution. He or she works closely with management, especially with the director and the marketing manager. Together with the management, he ensures the development of the quality and profitability of the product lines and/or services offered by the company and/or the brand. Competent, he ensures the communication and promotion of products and services while ensuring their quality.



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