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Your company is overwhelmed by data and you don't know what to do with it? The chief data officer is the privileged conductor of your entire data management strategy. UNE®, located in Geneva, puts you in contact with qualified CDOs. They guarantee the governance of your data, in an optimal way, everywhere in French-speaking Switzerland.

With the rise of digital technology, many companies find themselves with astronomical numbers of essential information to process. Previously, this was often the job of the IT manager. However, in the 2000s, in view of the dizzying increase in the amount of data available, many managers decided to set up a coordination between IT specialists and the different areas of the company. The mission of the CDO is thus to ensure that everyone is aware, in real time, of this precious raw material. 

In this context, the role of the CDO is as follows:

  1. collect, process and analyze information within the company
  2. ensure their consistency
  3. develop and manage a governance strategy in relation to marketing objectives
  4. guarantee compliance with data protection regulations.

It must, therefore, have a perfect knowledge of the company, both in terms of processes and in terms of marketing issues and objectives. This big data expert is therefore at the heart of all subjects. He is therefore at the same time an information director, an IT controller and a digital strategy manager.

He therefore works in close collaboration with other big data professionals, such as the data scientist or the web analyst.

This is why this data manager must know how to be pedagogical, while being charismatic at the same time. Such leadership has undeniable communication skills. In addition to perfect knowledge of his or her company, the position of CDO also requires an excellent mastery of database analysis tools. Like the data scientist, the chief data officer also has undeniable expertise in mathematics and statistics.

Such a mission therefore requires training in management and marketing as well as in computer science and statistics. It requires a 4 or 5 year university degree.

The chief data officer is the main actor in the digital transformation of your company. UNE® has the perfect CDO in its portfolio to help you optimize the use of your data. Don't hesitate any longer, make an appointment with him! 

What is the profile of a Chief Data Officer?

The Chief Data Officer, or CDO, is the leader of the data management strategies that used to be the responsibility of the IT manager. Thanks to developments in the digital world, many companies find themselves drowning in the middle of stacks of information figures. This is where a Chief Data Officer comes into play, because he directs the processing of his data. These companies do not entrust this role to just any one person. Indeed, you need the right profile for this. First of all, the CDO must have validated 4 to 5 years of higher education/training, particularly in management and marketing, but also in IT and statistics. Then, he or she must also have validated professional experience where he or she has learned to master with excellence computer tools, especially databases.

What is the role of a Chief Data Officer?

Due to this exorbitant flow of data, company managers have decided to combine the role of an IT specialist with that of other managers, i.e. a CDO's mission is to manage data. This data is very valuable to companies because they use it to make major changes in development, particularly at the product level and even at the company itself, so that it can solve the various problems it faces. In this case, the CDO must first collect, process and analyze the information that exists at the company level. Secondly, it ensures the consistency of its data. Then, he develops and steers a strategy in order to bring a new vision of the marketing objectives. Finally, it ensures compliance with the rules on data protection, which is very important.

What are the qualities of a good Chief Data Officer?

It's not an easy task to fill the role of a Chief Data Officer. You have to have exceptional qualities. Firstly, he or she must have a perfect knowledge of the company, particularly the different processes, the challenges and above all the marketing objectives. We can say that he has the ability to ensure information management, IT control and be responsible for the digital strategy. He knows how to control himself and therefore he can handle the different pressures at work. Secondly, he is in collaboration with other professionals in the field including the Web Analyst and the Data Scientist. He must therefore demonstrate pedagogy and charisma. Then, we must not forget that he has skills in the field of communication. Finally, he masters computer and database analysis tools with undeniable expertise in mathematics.

Why recruit a Chief Data Officer?

The years go by little by little while the world changes very quickly, as does the progress of mankind in the field of digital development, which is endless. In order to keep up with this air of evolution, the job of a Chief Data Officer has come into being, and today it is one of the key players in the digital transformation of any company. It can be said that a CDO brings to a company, or even to a corporation, an optimization in the use of data. For any company with a thirst for innovation, it needs a Chief Data officer because not only will the CDO bring satisfaction but also assurance following the company's missions.



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