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You offer a job as a brand designer and wish to choose by the best profiles on the market?

The UNE® Agency, highly experienced in visual creation and digital recruitment, opens the doors of its pool of serious and qualified candidates. Carefully selected, the profiles that will be put in competition for your position will be in perfect adequacy with your needs.

The brand designer works on the online and offline branding strategy to be implemented, he must define the visual identity of the brand and ensure consistency along the creative chain. The brand designer is responsible for the design of the company's communication tools, the development of the graphic charter, the logo, and all communication supports. To do this, the brand designer must become familiar with the market where the brand and the competition are evolving. His marketing vision must be global, the design thinking must allow the brand to be immediately readable, identifiable and appreciated by consumers.

He may be led to propose the redesign of the elements of the graphic identity, the updating of the company's communication supports and must be able to argue his strategy. His background includes curiosity and open-mindedness as well as undeniable editorial qualities.

With a great general culture and an excellent spirit of synthesis, he masters the basics in communication strategy and all the ingredients of graphic design and motion design. He collaborates with the strategic planner, the product managers, the creative team, the developers, the communication manager, the marketing department and the general management.

But how can you quickly and without making mistakes find the brand designer that will fit into your team and enhance your brand? 

The expertise of Agence UNE® guarantees to have at your disposal a carefully selected panel of candidates with the qualifications and experience necessary to perfectly meet your search criteria.

What is the profile of a brand designer?

In order to easily access the position of brand designer, it is essential to follow a dedicated training in a design school. A course in such a structure will allow the student to understand and master all the key facets and concepts of the profession. This course will give him/her the opportunity to accentuate his/her graphic and artistic capacities. Generally, the training to be able to wear the brand designer cap lasts three years. A Bachelor's degree in graphic design, however, will allow the apprentice to enter the professional world, starting in the second year. For a greater chance of employment, a BAC+5 at a business and marketing school is a good idea.

What is the role of a brand designer?

The brand designer is the person who guarantees the identity and uniqueness of a brand or product of a firm. It will allow the latter to stand out from its competitors. The main task of this expert is to accompany the company in the implementation of a unique visual identity for its products that can capture the attention of consumers. And in this sense, he must be able to understand the needs of the public concerned. His goal is to succeed in inciting his customers to make purchases and, at the same time, to build their loyalty. The daily work of the brand designer is also centered on the piloting of all the presentations of the brand or the product by being actively involved in the work of the packaging designer.

What are the qualities of a good brand designer?

Like all other branches of the web professions, brand design also requires a great sense of creativity. This is a major asset that allows this professional to design projects that stand out from the crowd. A good brand designer must, therefore, know how to handle a pencil as well as a graphic tablet. It is also imperative that he or she be a curious person by nature. This quality will give him the opportunity to expand his research on different themes. In this way, he will not run out of ideas. Also, a brand designer worthy of the name must be very meticulous in details. Of course, to excel in this position, a spirit of synthesis, a great sense of listening and artistic sensitivity are also required.

Why recruit a brand designer?

In order to ensure the good visibility of your company, it is essential to hire the skills of a brand designer. An ace in his field, this professional will imagine and elaborate for you striking logos. They can guide the choice of targeted customers and thus increase your turnover. This specialist will develop a brand strategy, allowing a better positioning of your company on the market. Working with various event organizers, he will ensure that your company's visual identity is well represented. Working with this expert will allow you to save time, while benefiting from his expertise and network.



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