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Is finding a Big Data architect part of your objectives to boost your business? 

The UNE® agency offers to select for you a shortlist of suitable profiles. Experts in the search for candidates in the digital and data science professions, our mission is to make the recruitment process more fluid for you.

The Big Data Architect is the engineer in charge of collecting raw data for the enterprise and implementing the infrastructure to store this data and use it in business applications. He designs a scalable Data Management architecture and solutions to integrate, centralize, maintain and secure data. The quantitative explosion of digital data in computing and the Web has led this technical specialist to develop an architecture capable of processing large volumes of data in a limited time. 

To imagine the infrastructure and combinations of technologies needed to handle data of all kinds, this expert masters all Big Data technologies. He uses NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra and Redis, server infrastructure management tools such as Hadoop and Spark, as well as in-memory data storage tools such as Memtables. A varied arsenal whose constant evolution must be monitored by an active technological watch.

This big data professional works on a daily basis with the data engineers who develop the infrastructure he has imagined, and the company's data scientists. He provides the latter with the raw data that they will analyze. An irreproachable team spirit and an appetite for collaboration make him a good communicator. Coming from a degree course in computer science, management, statistics or marketing, the Big Data Architect is generally a senior with experience in Business Intelligence. 

This profile is very sought-after among the Big Data professions, but for you, this qualified professional is not easy to recruit? UNE® puts at your disposal its pool of Swiss or European candidates so that you can smoothly find the Big Data Architect that meets your needs.

What is the profile of a Big Data Architect?

The Big Data architect faces every day the multiplication and profusion of digital data, therefore he ensures the recovery, management and storage of raw data. The profile of a Big Data Architect is formed by a higher education diploma in particular in BACC+4 or BACC+5 either in computer science, management, statistics or marketing. He can also be a graduate of a specialized engineering school. Apart from his higher education, he is specialized in this sector thanks to a Big Data training. Years of professional experience in Business Intelligence complete this profile. It should not be forgotten that it is necessary to master different tools including Big Data technologies, IT tools and Internet tools because they are used to implement strategies in order to reach objectives.

What is the role of a Big Data Architect?

The role of a Big Data architect is to collect raw data that can be more or less structured. This data can be large quantities from different sources, particularly internal or external. The data is generated worldwide and to organize and store it for companies of all kinds and from any sector, the Big Data Architect creates storage infrastructures and builds a Data Management infrastructure. This data first goes to a Big Data Architect, who creates and optimizes infrastructures to store, manipulate, and restrict its data for easy use by businesses. In this way, its companies can ensure that they are one step ahead of their competitors by knowing in advance what their customers' needs are. 

What are the qualities of a good Big Data architect?

In addition to his diplomas and training, a good Big Data architect must have the skills required for the job, in particular a mastery of Big Data technologies, and a mastery of server infrastructures for data collection and organization. It is also essential to master office automation tools such as Word, Excel and without forgetting web browsers with Internet tools. Other than his skills, he must have a spirit of sharing because he works with a whole staff in the company. As they are more than one person in the sector, he must have a talent for communication.

Why hire a Big Data Architect?

A Big Data Architect is an expert in data collection and their organizations. Any company can use the consultation of its data to evaluate and know the needs of its customers. Its needs change from day to day. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to organize them in order to beat the competition. All companies must therefore have their own Big Data Architect to keep an eye on the development of customer orders according to their needs. It can be said that the Big Data Architect guides companies to introduce their product and service within the framework of customer needs.



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