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The Product Engineer is responsible for the design and development of all new products in a company. He or she is also responsible for the improvement of manufacturing processes. His role may differ according to the sector of activity and the size of a company, but his main missions remain the same.

First of all, he will study the needs of consumers, the competition and the product market. He or she participates fully in the development of a product (or a product line), from conception to market launch. Beforehand, he will have carried out a real market study according to the needs and objectives of the company. His job is also to define the manufacturing methods of the products while respecting the production requirements.

The product engineer is also in charge of technology watch and the research of new materials. In fact, he is in perpetual quest for innovation in order to remain as competitive as possible. Based on the analysis of the needs and expectations of distributors and consumers, he directs research projects from product design to manufacturing.

The product engineer is also in charge of creating commercial campaigns and promotional actions. He participates, in a very active way, in the elaboration of the marketing plan of the product, after the constitution of the technical specifications. His role is also to study the sales shares, the market, the profit margins, and must present solutions for adjustments (aligning with the competition, promotional operation, etc.) and provide the best answers.

He will therefore support the product's sales network. He can also organize a series of tests, on a well-defined panel of consumers, in order to make improvements (if necessary) to the product.

Technical skills are required such as knowledge of chemical engineering, statistical analysis (software), project management, marketing, management or communication techniques. The product engineer must also have certain personal qualities such as creativity, curiosity, good methodology, autonomy and proactivity.

The product engineer has a university degree in engineering school.

Thanks to a careful selection of profiles in line with your research, UNE® guarantees you to find the ideal product engineer for your company.

What are the qualities of a good product engineer?

The Product Engineer is a real conductor in the manufacturing process or product improvement. This assignment requires him/her to master several scientific and technical tools such as design software (CAD, CAM...), analysis software (Blue Ridge Numerics CFDesign), etc. in the performance of his/her duties and responsibilities.

A good product engineer relies on critical thinking to undertake his work well. Very strong in mathematics, he masters logical systems.

This job requires, among other things, a great ability to work in a team, to perform several tasks at once, and above all to make a decision.

What is the profile of a Product Engineer?

The product engineer is a versatile employee. He masters both technical and managerial skills. Rigorous and methodical, they possess organizational and relational qualities that enable them to manage teamwork and relations with employees inside and outside the company. The product engineer also demonstrates dynamism and responsiveness to deal with unexpected situations.

To be eligible for the position of product engineer, you must have completed a university education of 4 or 5 in a general engineering school or with a specialization in the field of activity concerned. It is also possible to enter the profession through university after a specialized Master's degree in Industrial Engineering or Production Management.

What is the role of a Product Engineer?

The product engineer is the person in charge of developing new products or improving an existing product in the company. He or she generally belongs to the design-research-development department, works hand in hand with the marketing department and has a global vision of the organization's functions. Almost all industries that involve the manufacture of products for sale employ product engineers.

The product engineer is equipped with an increased technical knowledge that allows him/her to interact with specialists in the company's field of activity and to remain constantly informed about technological developments and products developed by the competition.

Why recruit a Product Engineer?

The main mission of the product engineer is to manage the budget allocated to the project, follow the design of the products and the processes that go with it. His/her mission is also to select materials for the development of a product, as well as to create and test prototypes. He or she must ensure that the product design complies with all safety regulations, and this also applies to the manufacturing process.

The product engineer works closely with product development teams, logisticians, shipping managers and others to turn concepts into reality.



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