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You want to increase your business with online visibility? You need a talented professional who will be able to carry out the technical development of your website? UNE® is an agency based in Geneva for 2 decades. It has been able to seduce professionals from the digital world who now work alongside it. UNE® puts you in touch with the experienced Web Developer you are looking for. You will be able to quickly set up your IT project.

The missions of the web developer within a company are diversified. He creates, of course, the website in strict compliance with a set of specifications. The latter, generally established by the project manager, takes into account the customer's needs. After a thorough analysis, the web developer can also be a force of proposal in order to best adapt his constraints to those of the owner of the site. After having designed the various functionalities, he carries out tests to ensure the proper functioning of the web pages. Once validated, the site is then put online.

However, the job of the web developer often does not stop there. He also ensures the maintenance of the technical support to avoid computer bugs or data loss.

Today, the term developer hides several facets:

  1. The mobile developer, for example, only designs applications for smartphones or tablets.
  2. The full-stack developer, on the other hand, has generalist skills. Whether developing an application, a software, or a website, he is able to carry out a project alone from A to Z.
  3. The integrator, as for him, translates into computer language the projects of a team and easily realizes the web pages.

To practice his job, the web developer has above all a thorough knowledge of code. He uses various programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, HTML, or CSS. This programmer must also have a sufficient mastery of frameworks and CMS (Content Management System). These skills are acquired after a university education of 2 to 5 years in engineering or computer science school.

As you will have understood, the web developer has today an essential place within the company. Our catalog is full of interesting profiles and contains for sure the web developer with whom you wish to collaborate. Is your company in Lausanne, or even in Montreux? It's not a problem: our experts work throughout the French-speaking part of Switzerland. So contact us without delay!

What is the role of a web developer?

In charge of the conception and the realization of a website, the web developer is a multi-task and multi-language programmer, in order to adapt to the numerous needs of a website. In his work, he can be brought to realize several missions. First, he performs a technical evaluation to understand, identify, and analyze the client's needs. He will then create the website by imagining and creating the technical architecture of this site. Then he proceeds to the programming of the site and performs tests to verify the proper functioning of the various functionalities implemented. And finally, he brings his technical assistance by providing customers with a follow-up and correction if necessary over time.

What is the profile of a web developer?

Several trainings allow to adapt to the profession of web developer. After a first specialization in computer science diligently appreciated, the future web developer will be able to choose between short training courses in 2 years or in computer science, or more advanced studies of up to 5 years with specialized masters. Engineering schools and specialized school training courses are also available as options to enter the web developer profession.

To complete his training, he must above all be autonomous and keep abreast of new technologies in terms of development, this regular monitoring is very important.

What are the qualities of a web developer?

Above all, the web developer must have a solid competence in the web programming languages: Java, PHP, SQL, ASP, etc. This knowledge is necessary to identify the best technical alternative for each project and for the development of a website. Mastery of tools such as CMS (content management system) and framework are also required.

Apart from technical skills, the web developer must be a focused and rigorous worker. Without failing, he must show total meticulousness in decrypting and writing code. He must constantly rely on a strong sense of analysis and logic.

Why recruit a web developer?

In the IT sector, the web developer is an essential job. The web developer is a digital expert, a mason who designs websites from code. Development, elaboration, update, he is in all phases of the life of a site. At a time when digital is an essential lever in the strategy of any organization, the web developer becomes a specialist with highly sought-after skills. Notice to new technology enthusiasts!

He can intervene in many fields of activity and his missions can vary from one company to another. In short, he is an indispensable professional for any company. 



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