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You want to strengthen your team of developers and are looking for a Vue.JS developer?

This type of specialized profile is rather difficult to find, that's why UNE® offers you to benefit from its expertise in the search for leading developers and its portfolio of serious, competent and seasoned profiles to best meet your current needs.

The Vue.js developer works on the development of web interfaces by intervening on the front side and has a wide technical palette. He must understand user needs, be able to coordinate with the product team, work hand in hand with the team of back-end developers. He is part of a young and dynamic team and is like a fish in water in an Agile/Devops environment. He can also be a full stack developer if he has skills on a framework like Symfony or Consors.

To design and code new interfaces, he juggles perfectly with the Vue.js JavaScript framework, has native JavaScript at his fingertips, and also knows the HTML5/CSS3 bases and the rules of responsive design. He uses package management tools such as Grunt, WebPack or NPM, does not conceive of managing his code without Git, advocates client-side storage, enjoys front-end performance optimization, likes to industrialize processes. Versatile, he can also have React and/or Angular experience in his technical background.

He is passionate about the web universe, with a terrible appetite for JS technologies. Forced to stay up to date, he loves technical challenges and designs maintainable, scalable, documented code. Beyond his skills, a curious and open nature ensures him qualitative human relations as well as a taste for work in a technophile team.

How do you find the rare bird that will join your organization? UNE® wants to support your growth and has a hand-picked panel of candidates for this purpose. Swiss or European, the Vue.JS talent developer who will join you is in our pool of profiles!

What is the role of a Vue.JS developer?

The role of the Vue.JS developer is to optimize the ergonomics and navigation of an application or a site on a maximum number of media such as screen resolutions and numerous browsers. If the team has the designers, the Vue.JS developer will take charge of the integration of the mock-ups, that is to say the programming of the interfaces imagined by the designers. Among other things, he will be in charge of creating user interfaces.

 The Vue.JS developers are obviously in constant contact with the other developers who will use the graphical components made to activate the operating mechanisms of the application or site. In fact, the Vue.JS developer can divide the application into several sub-components that each manage their own life and are reusable.

Why recruit a Vue.JS developer?

A Vue.JS Developer must be a generalist. He or she may be required to work on every stage of the design of an application or a site: from development to production. The front-end refers to everything a user can see when using a site and can be developed via frameworks such as Angular or Vue.js. A Vue.js Developer also masters the back-end development of a site, i.e. the "hidden" part. It is not visible to the general public and gathers, in other words, API (Application Programming Interface) calls or databases. A Vue.js Developer is therefore competent in all areas of development and contributes to the design and maintenance of an application or site.

What are the qualities of a Vue.JS developer?

A Vue.Js developer must above all have very good communication with other developers. Then, he must also have a solid knowledge of front-end development tools (build, deployment, testing tools) as well as an understanding of functional concepts in JavaScript. Then, a Vue.JS developer must also master JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React, Vue.js ...). Knowledge of Git and Github (or GitLab, Bitbucket, ...) and the notion of interface ergonomics are also required. 

Apart from technical knowledge, he must also have the ability to be creative in offering design ideas. By working closely with web teams, he must have the ability to listen, organize and adapt.

What is the profile of a Vue.JS developer?

To become a Vue.Js Developer, several paths are possible. He can come from a computer science background at university, an engineering or webdesign school or be self-taught. 

To do this, the Vue.Js developer is perpetually trained on new technologies or languages thanks to websites with tutorials, official documentations, forums or articles. In order to keep his skill levels up to date, he must stay informed of the evolutions and technological advances in his field. Curiosity is therefore one of the most indispensable qualities. In addition, knowledge of English is also a key point for this job.



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