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The React developer is a specialist in the development of mobile applications via React.JS, an open-source JavaScript library, and/or React Native, allowing him to create "cross platform" Android and iOS applications. Its mission spectrum can also include the development of APl as well as related front-ends. Unit testing, functional testing, writing technical documentation are tasks that he may be asked to perform, often being in the best position to avoid any misunderstanding.

The skills needed to hold this job as a full-stack developer are multiple. It is essential to be fundamentally passionate about the web and the latest technologies. Mastery of web front-end environments (HTML CSS and JavaScript) and React.JS is a prerequisite. This specialist is involved on a daily basis, likes innovation and must be able to adapt easily to new developments. He does not shy away from questions of product architecture and does not hesitate to be a driving force within a full Agile project team.

In the ever-changing world of web development, he knows how important it is to keep up to date with the latest technology in order to constantly improve his practices. This expert in the development of mobile applications holds a degree in Computer Engineering in web development and has also specialized in the mastery of React.JS or React Native.

Finding the ideal candidate as quickly as possible is a priesthood when the required profile is as sharp as an experienced React developer needs to be. This is why UNE® offers you to be partners in order to present you a consequent choice of profiles in close adequacy with your job offer.

What is the role of a React.js developer ?

The main role of the developer React.js demure in front development. Through the JavaScript library, he is skilled at creating a user interface. 

The React.js developer performs unit tests that allows to verify that the developed application works perfectly and does not worry about code chaining.

This is a guarantee of quality that the developer must not take lightly in his activities to meet the customer's needs perfectly. 

In order to avoid misunderstandings and to wrap well the customer's need, the React.js developer can be led to write technical documents.

Why recruit a React.js developer ?

In the field of web development, there is a wide range of jobs such as full-stack developer, web developer, node.js developer... With the emergence of new frameworks and languages, some jobs are more and more particular and specialize on a specific technology. Among these different specializations, the developer React.js is present.

In fact, React.js is a library in JavaScript code used to design user interfaces. Thus, the developer React.js is particularly involved in the front-end development of web applications. It is very essential for companies working in the digital world (SSII, specialized firms, agencies, etc.) because it brings added value to it.

What is the profile of a React.js developer ?

To apply for the position of react.js developer, you must have an engineering degree in web development, computer science and specialize in the operation of react.js in order to acquire a Master II. Being used to the JS language added to the MVC framework is also a real asset for this position. Familiarity with the tools in question is obtained after an internship in mobile application development. The front-end must also be mastered before the exercise of this job.

Moreover, the web environment is constantly evolving with new languages, tools, or other, which forces the developer to have a certain simplicity of adaptation to be at the forefront of development.

What are the qualities of a React.js developer ?

To practice the job of a React.js developer, a passion for the web, design and especially the latest technologies are required. Being used to different technical environments such as React.js HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, Android Amazon Web Services, or ES6 is also a real asset. Of course, the react.js developer must also be used to web development tools and must easily adapt to new developments.

Apart from technical skills, the react.js developer must be curious about the technologies in vogue and the evolutions of the web environment in order to stay up to date with the evolution of this domain and to provide novelty in the realization of its interfaces.



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