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You want to hire a NodeJS developer to support your project?

UNE®, your recruitment agency specialized in digital profiles, offers you a portfolio of specialized profiles selected by our specialists. If talented Node.js developers are still rare on the market, don't miss the right profile.

Within the development pole, the specialist Node JS, javascript developer, full stack or only back end, elaborates the architecture of a website or a mobile application. This expert develops the code, is in charge of technical and functional recipes and ensures the technological watch. Android and iPhone constraints are not unknown to him either. He develops applications that must respond quickly to many requests such as chat servers or upload systems. Web data flows are no secret for him, who easily juggles with streams, buffers and any asynchronous behavior. And what about application security? That's up to him.

The developer Node JS masters HTML5 / CSS3, JavaScript, HTTP protocol, Restful APIs, MongoDB/MySQL/NoSQL databases, Scrum methodology and could be very comfortable with Amazon Web Services or Heroku. He prefers Node JS server side because it's much more fun than Java or PHP!

Ideally, a training in an engineering school, university cycle or equivalent is required for this developer who must master object programming at his fingertips, be reactive, a force of proposal and have some experience in the development of Javascript applications. The NodeJS developer evolves in a state-of-the-art team (devops, UX designer and product owner), in an IT and Agile environment. He is a talent passionate about technology and strongly addicted to best practices.

The French speaking part of Switzerland does not abound with experienced developers of this caliber? No problem, UNE® is proud to offer you a panel of quality Node.js developers, Swiss or European. No doubt that our support will allow you to staff the rare bird you are missing !

Why recruit a Node.js developer ?

The job of web developer is currently highly sought-after and sought-after. Currently, the web developer can develop both back-end and front-end side. The innate Node.js of the JavaScript language allows to develop on the back-end side. 

In fact, this developer can intervene in many areas in his job. Its missions and its sectors of activity are very varied and diverse. In addition, he is in close collaboration with web teams which gives him the following qualities: rigor, organization, methodology, adaptability and the sense of listening. Thus, he brings added value to any company (especially those working in the digital sector) because he contributes to the expansion of its customer portfolio. 

What is the role of a Node.js developer ?

The Node.js developer must be able to respond in near real time to business issues regarding applications coded in JavaScript.

Thus, the role of the Node.js developer is to create fast applications that correspond to the needs of the customer such as upload systems, chat servers, or other applications that must correspond very quickly to numerous requests.

In fact, the Node.js developer carries out many missions in the development of a project. It's up to him to develop the microservices and the architecture of the project. He has to develop the API and ensure the optimization of the requests. He must also manage the tests and manage the continuous deployment (CI/CD), and set up the DB (database) by motorizing the processes to install the Data acquisition.

What is the profile of a Node.js developer ?

A training in the IT sector will allow the developer Node.js to learn the basics of programming. In fact, there are many training possibilities. Ideally, a Nodejs developer should follow courses at a computer school or engineering school for 5 years. It is also possible to go through university. Being a profession that is in constant evolution, Node.js developers need to stay up to date on the evolution of languages in order to keep their skill levels up to date. So there will be a lot of personal training after school and throughout their career.

What are the qualities of a Node.js developer ?

As Nodejs software is based on the JavaScript language, the Nodejs developer must be able to master this program to be competent. A solid knowledge of Front-End technologies are also required, such as CSS3, HTML5, JQuery. Back-End development will be done using the JavaScript of the Node.js usually added to Express.js and the manipulation of a database (often NOSQL/MongoDB) with a Restful API. This developer must also be mainly comfortable with hosting sites like Heroku or Amazon Web Services.

At the human level, he must be curious and interested in technological developments in his field of choice. He must also be rigorous and organized to be able to cope with the constraints related to his job. 



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